Idylle Duet fragrance notes

    • Bulgarian Rose, Indonesian Patchouli, Jasmine, Peony, Freesia, Lily-of-the-Valley, Lilac, White Musk

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I am in love. This rose patchouli is so far from my comfort zone of citric chypres as to have confused me. One spray on the back of my hand is still going 4 hours later through 2 hand washings and a sink of washing up.

Tipsy blousy rose plays the lead which the elegant patch prolongs forever but without any headshop effect.

How I wish this wasn't a limited edition it's far more beautiful and hypnotic than the original Idylle which I find harsh
18th March 2012
Idylle Duet it`s an intenser rose version of the original idylle idea of a modern musky chypre bouquet. It makes me think of Rose Barbare, but better worked, with the base that is lacking on Rose Barbare. Duet has a rose bouquet which is halway modern interpretations and vintage versions, haveing a slightly link to the complex abstract and warm rose of Nahéma. The Rose here has the liqueur aspect intensified by the camphor aspect of patchouli, which creates a sweet woody base that lets rose sing forever on the skin. It`s smooth, complex, intense and longlasting, and i wished it was a permanent fragrance, not only a liimited edition.
4th July 2011

Beautiful version of Idylle , more rose and patchouli . I think this is at last a new Guerlain I adore.
18th February 2011