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Idylle by Guerlain

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Idylle is a women's perfume launched in 2009 by Guerlain

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Reviews of Idylle by Guerlain

There are 27 reviews of Idylle by Guerlain.

I think its importance was that it was Thierry Wasser's first composition for Guerlain.
Perhaps he was charged with producing a very commercial fragrance that would help Guerlain's finances. Since then, of course, there's Mon Guerlain, which, I suspect, fits in with both his ambitions for Guerlain and a piece of his heart. Idylle, a lovely white room in the Hamptons, competition for Jadore, next door. I personally like Lilas Jasmin, the flanker, better.

Idylle is, in my opinion, one of the prettiest perfumes ever made. It's a lovely floral, with no raspy notes or sharp edges, and better suited to summer and spring wear. I wish I discovered this ten years ago when I started becoming seriously interested in perfume and was still in my 20s. It feels like a younger fragrance, but it's not like many mainstream releases today that are aimed at young women. It's classy and sophisticated, and really can be pulled off by a woman of any age, though there's definitely an innocence to it. This is a perfume that is easy to wear and will offend no one, and is perfect for an office environment. I'm tempted to buy a bottle since it can currently be found at discounters for so cheap, and soon will no longer be available anywhere in the cute gold teardrop-shaped bottle.

I sampled the EDP formulation in the original gold bottle - I would be worried about longevity with the EDT as the EDP has only moderate longevity.

I remember being fairly unimpressed by Idylle when it came out, but now giving it a try again, I'm quite enjoying it. I think it's because I've learned to appreciate powdery scents in the years since.

Idylle is a nice white-flowers smell, heavy on the lily but with noticeable jasmine as well. It's powdery and soapy and clean and also creamy and sweet with vanilla, but with subtle indoles and a sour green streak acting as a counterpoint to all the clean elements, creating the illusion of a chypre in the background.

In a way, it's unremarkable - another nice lily perfume - but the attention to detail (the way the indoles fuse with the greens and the vanilla gives this a remarkable depth often missing in this sort of perfume), earns it a thumbs up.

I love this delicate perfume. When I wear Idyll, I can smell the softest touch of musk, rose and freesias (my favorite floral scent now, and the search of which is what drew me to the fragrance). Mainly however - for whatever the reason - this perfume reminds me of pears. It lasts for a few hours then gently drops away, which is brilliant, as then it doesn't prove too overwhelming.

Floral opening for a floral fragrance... First the freesia takes prominence to my nose – it's a soft freesia note… less sharp than most freesias and more complex than the freesias that I'm used to because of the softening effects of lily of the valley and jasmine – quite white floral. This floral opening lasts for an impressive length and I quite enjoy it more than most freesia accords I've encountered. I'm afraid I don't feel that the accord is very natural, but I do enjoy it.

When the rose enters, it, too, comes on softly, and lasts well. A little cooler than the opening freesia, the rose seems to flow naturally from the opening accord. The rose note is not a grabber, but it is adequately competent as rose notes go.

The base retains the fragrance's strong-but-descrete floral character combined with a subtle white musk… if there's patchouli present, I don't smell it. The base is even softer than the prier levels. Idylle is a pleasant, softly feminine sort of fragrance – one that would serve beautifully as a background rather than an attention-getter. Cleanly structured, beautifully performing in its subtlety and longevity.

From artistic bottle until enchanting scent Guerlain knows what a lady wants and again a respectable perfume with perfect balance between classic & modern and a bottle like a pure jewel. graceful, feminine,impressive,floral, fresh and elegant.

Rich opening.this scent is a contrast between different flowers but rose is sublime.It remindes me a little magnifique but this is Gerlain style a particular style that not for everyone.It makes perfect harmony with a beautiful black dress and sparkly jewels.

In my opinion Idylle is one of those you would not leave your wrist because you are addict with it.I would recommend it yo any lady who is looking for a classy and attractive scent for special moments.suitable for autumn/spring and a great surprise for present too.

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