Lubin's 466th fragrance, and it's first of the 21st century.

Idole de Lubin fragrance notes

  • Head

    • Rum Absolute, Saffron, Bitter Orange Peel, Black Cumin
  • Heart

    • Doum Palm, Smoked Ebony, Sugar Cane
  • Base

    • Leather, Red Sandalwood

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Having lived with this over two winters, I feel qualified to say that I don’t quite understand the fuss. Perhaps I missed out by never sampling the EDT. This fragrance has elements that I love, and they smell nice on me, for a while, but the dry down smells inescapably like what I assume is light, sweetened ambroxan, and which feels like an inconclusive and wimpy “finish” for a scent that while pleasant, just never seems to get its act together. It’s possible it just doesn’t work on me. I really wanted it to.
4th February 2023
Damn this is good. I wish I'd backed the EdT version up. I find it preferable to the EdP which is quite good as well.

Such a warm, slightly sensual cozy scent. Really feels to me a bit like a sexed up bay rum scent.

Used to love this at work as a conservative but kind of sneaky edgy scent.

9th May 2021

La Loge de Theatre BY Felix Vallotton
17th December 2017
Citrus, orange peel, sandalwood opening, Leather only plays a support role. Not sweet, more peppery I get no cumin and little leather which would have made it better.
15th July 2017
Similar feel to Bentley Intense but the rum note makes it sweeter, softer, more wearable. Also, this is more natural and less of a projection bomb than Bentley Intense. I do get the cola vibe but it reminds me more of a rum and coke than just coke. Some of the most pleasant woody notes I've ever smelled, almost floral like. Because of the price, probably not FB worthy but I would pick this over Bentley Intense any day. I'm wearing this on a cold day and seems to be just right for that.
21st December 2016
Oh I'm fond of rum. On the hottest of days, capt. morgan and coke gets gulped. Then there are the rums I treat like scotch whisky, enjoyed in wee sips.

Fine rum overlaying SL Serge Noire, which I'd say is rather like clove cigs & chapstick ... and voila... Idole edt. Good evening and Autumn scent. Maybe 6 hours with subtle projection that invites closer attention. A fine date scent.

The bottle, along with the edp, are the 2 best-looking cologne bottles I believe I'll ever own, and the scent does do justice. Keepers, both.

I'm 50+, for reference.
19th November 2016
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