Ibiza Hippie fragrance notes

  • Head

    • Lychees, Pears, Blackcurrant
  • Heart

    • Water Hyacinth, Blue Freesia, Cranberry
  • Base

    • Amber, Sandalwood, Musk, Passion Flower, Wood notes

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Some people just take perfume too seriously. This is not one to wear to work or anywhere that you want to be taken seriously. The same with all the other Escada summer scents. It's lovely and refreshing and is probably only good for one summer holiday, which is what Escada are aiming for - you to buy one every summer. I love the fresh berries and the creamy dry down. I feel like splashing it all over when it's hot.
1st December 2008
With these Escada seasonal fragrances, it's hard to tell one from another. Usually I'm not very good at identifying similarities between fragrances because to my nose they all smell so different from each other, but that isn't a problem with these summer Escadas: As far as I'm concerned, this could be Island Kiss or Rockin' Rio. On a day when I not paying too close attention, this could also be Sunset Heat. At any rate, Ibiza Hippie is an undistinguished syrupy fruity floral – a bit tropical-drugstore in tenor – with a weak sandalwood (they say) / musk drydown. In dealing with these Escada summer scents, maybe I should have saved the time and used a template: “_____ _______ by Escada is an undistinguished syrupy fruity floral – a bit tropical / drugstore in tenor – with a weak indeterminable / musk drydown…”
12th November 2008

Dude, what a nasty perfume! This is so heavily fruity it's nasty and revolting.
4th August 2006
A lot of the Escada annual limited editions smell markedly similar to me; I don't think, for instance, that I could distinguish between Rockin' Rio and Island Kiss in a blind sniff test. And Tropical Punch and Sexy Graffiti are also very, very close in character, both like highly sweetened berry drinks. For some reason, though, the Ibiza Hippie has always had at least a little something different; the fruit topnotes of Ibiza are more crisp and less sweet than those of the others, and the basenotes are also somewhat more defined and, to my nose, pleasantly powdery and woody. Despite the "raver" sound of the name, I think Ibiza Hippie is relatively sophisticated as fruit scents go. The only knock is a fairly insubstantial staying power. But if you don't mind reapplying often, try to track this one down for a refreshing spring-into-summer scent.
13th September 2005
Another great escada limited edition fragrance. lychee and blackcurrant make it a tropical fruity sweet fragrance.
10th December 2003