I Love New York for Marriage Equality fragrance notes

  • Head

    • mandarin, nutmeg, plum
  • Heart

    • rose, jasmine, ginger lily
  • Base

    • cashmere wood, sandalwood, amber

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I get cedar out of this one. I love the subdued smell and this one works well by itself or layered with Chez Bond. I have gotten compliments while wearing it. It's safe for work and probably would have been less popular had it not been for the name.
29th August 2018
Bond No. 9 I Love New York for Marriage Equality is, for me, primarily an amber scent, with plum adding to the sweeter side of amber, and ginger and nutmeg adding to the spicy, animalic side of amber,

It opens up sweeter, brighter with more of the plum taking center stage before the spicier, animalic elements open up in the dry down, and while I still find the dry down balance to be pleasant, I can see how, relative the opening, the dry down could turn some people off, hence the mixed reception the fragrance seems to have seen.

Still, it's a very good performer, quite versatile (cold-weather leaning but still year-round friendly, and of course, unisex), an interesting amber fragrance, and significantly discounted on FragranceNet, at $91 for 100ml / $63 for 50ml.

7 out of 10
15th June 2018

I bought this blind because of the positive ratings but was a bit disappointed not being quite up to the usual B9 standards.
Top notes are strong to start with which soften after 10/20 minutes when it strengthens to a strong woody and slightly sour notes which grows on you.

I wouldn't choose this from a perfumery counter but I'm not disappointed in total.

I recommend that you try a tester before buying, its not for everyone.
11th January 2016
Most Bond's I'm a big fan of and have been a pleasant surprise for me...but unfortunately this one goes in the opposite direction.

WAY more woody smelling than I expected.....plum and mandarin? WHERE?!:( Yeah, this scent was all about the wood and not much else on my skin. The fruit aspect was barely detectable...this fragrance is dry with sweetness and some incense/smoke to my nose. Not at all what I was hoping/expecting when reading the note breakdown.

Not a bad smell, but not my style at all. And like most Bond scents in general, this has very good longevity.
17th November 2015
Like this one . Slightly sweet with a touch of fruit and ginger. The combination has a slight hint of animalistic potential (not too much though). The sandalwood and amber seems to be in the background and this is overall a buy IMO. 8/10
20th February 2015
A solid, potent, fruity/spicy scent. The plum note goes on a bit strong but fades to an acceptable degree (which suits me), whereas the spices (nutmeg/ginger mainly) keep delivering the goods. The combination of citrus, spices and woods reminds me of HdP 1828, but this is less reserved; something of a powerhouse, in fact. 4 sprays last 12 hours, with decent projection. Versatile, but best forgotten if you don't want a constant reminder of social progress/are paranoid about anyone detecting your fragrance/have lots of sensitive acquaintances pre-occupied with their 'allergies'.
21st July 2014
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