I Love New York for Her fragrance notes

  • Head

    • mandarin zest, spicy nutmeg, blueberry
  • Heart

    • roses, pink peonies, patchouli
  • Base

    • musk, vanilla, sandalwood, leather

Latest Reviews of I Love New York for Her

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I love NY for her opens with a vibrant and really fizzy fruity/floral blast materializing its body in a pleasant spicy (ginger/nutmeg) rose-peonia fresh aqueous accord with a sheer berrish undertone, several herbal aromatic patterns, probably grapefruit and sparkling citrus (the mandarine is really performing in here). The aroma seems by soon carefree and joyful, full of colour and absolutely versatile. There is a patchouli presence for sure but after a while I detect mostly a more dense and ambery-vanillic support for patchouli and peonies supported by musk and definitely creating a sort of sensual final olfactory basement for all the fruity/floral spiciness. Along the dry down the leather comes out almost resinous and perfectly linked with the resinous dominant amber final accord. I find this fragrance full of life and stimulating for senses and fantasy (with the right dosage of synthetic) despite can't label it as a refined or classy (or particularly structured) cocoction. Still particularly peonies centered and with a blackberries-mandarine "savor" till the end while I detect finally a more vanillic-gourmandish consistency which appears almost gassy/aromatic, supremely spicy and with a musky/cosmetic undertone. Not bad
6th June 2014
This is a must have. So gorgeous and gourmand-ish ( on me anyway ). If you have ever smelled By Kilian LOVE, it is almost identical to ILNY4 H. Layered with Central Park West....UN-BELIEVABLE!!!!!
10th September 2012