I Love New York for Earth Day fragrance notes

  • Head

    • tangerine, orange flower water, orchid
  • Heart

    • green tuberose, lily of the valley, iris
  • Base

    • musk, amber, oakmoss, sandalwood

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Slightly green and floral. Not a bad fragrance. A guy could pull this one off. I don't see myself buying a bottle though. 6.5/10
20th February 2015
As well as usual for a Bond's creation we have also in here an almost promising beginning finally morphing in to an olfactory drama (in the sense of synthetic candied mess). The main ILNY for The Earth Day's note (especially along a first stage) is the lily of the valley, a liquid (for a part of the trip I mean orangy and almost aqueous) lily of the valley surrounded by liquid tangerine and by a sort of almost candied orchid/tuberose accord. This fragrance is (In a wrong and un-natural way) an ode to the romantic and intense note of lily of the valley and the yet notable tuberose is almost accessorial. There is for sure a lingering greenness in the background (probably the unique appreciable element of the recipe) which can be detected for a while as undertone, a sort of green/earthy/rooty (orris roots too?) vegetal undertone lingering under you nose as a ghost appearing and again disappearing. The floral presence is not properly indolic under my nose but more precisely sparkling, pungent, almost fizzy but in a sort of weirdly candied and juicy way. The more the aroma evolves the more a dominant shampoo/cosmetic sort of powerfully simil-berrish vibe keeps enveloping the elements with its loud soapy synthetic vanilla/musks accord. At this point it seems your skin to be moisturized by a violet/lily bar of soap frankly lacking any idea of class and refinement and with almost no texture. Powerful, somehow disturbing sillage and longevity. Definitely thumbs down, I'm sorry Bond.
P.S: after 3 or 4 hours from the first spray I have to say that the berrish/candied type of soapiness performing in the central stage and the first dry down phase tends to almost disappear leaving the scene to a more "human", ambery and tolerable floral/musky woodiness (the orchid/tuberose finally appears more noticeable) which restrains the pungency and releases a gentler feminine floral sophistication.
25th February 2014

feminine Very good green floral, but it is for women imo.
3rd June 2013
I LIKE IT MAYBE EVEN LOVE IT.unisex? hell no!! strictly for women. lily of the valley and the tuberose are the only notes detectable. great for any aged femal but no way for guys..??
23rd March 2013
Hmm - not sure of the unisex tag here. Big, dense floral totally dominated by tuberose and lily of the valley. It's ok, if a little blowsy. I would never wear.
15th August 2012
Despite the marketing and the green bottle, Earth Day is anything but a green scent. It's actually a huge, opulent floral in the vein of Giorgio Beverly Hills, an explosion of deeply indolic, buttery tuberose over other flowers and soapy musks. I'm usually a bit apprehensive about wearing loud tuberose perfumes, but Earth Day is so indolic and buttery that it almost smells more like flowery, animalic, indolic butter than tuberose, so I actually quite enjoyed it. That being said, you'd have to be extremely confident about florals or a serious Bond fanatic to think this could pass for "masculine".

Unfortunately, after a few hours, when the tuberose and indoles died down, it left a pretty sad mix of fake-smelling rose and that strawberry shampoo smell Bond has been using so much lately, all over a big cloud of white soap. At this point, the loudness of Earth Day stopped feeling opulent and started feeling cheap. That being said, a subtle vanilla sandalwood eventually came in, giving a creamy richness to the basenotes that, while it never reached the depth of a good Chanel, was enough to rescue Earth Day from its lame heartnotes.

I'm teetering between a thumbs-up and a neutral, but I'll go thumbs-up because I'm happy that this isn't another silly fruity floral or smell-alike aquatic and I want to encourage Bond to keep stepping outside their comfort zone. But enough with that fake strawberry already!!!
9th August 2012
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