I am King 
Sean John (2008)

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Reviews of I am King by Sean John

There are 60 reviews of I am King by Sean John.

Though I Am Not King
Nor do I wish to be one
And though this is not

The King of Basenotes
There are times that I think it's
The King of Topnotes

In his clean white suit
Lording over brief escape
In Casablanca

Looking for Mr. Good Czar
Perhaps with some "there"

So as Chandler Said
Spray it on in Abundance
Like a good cologne

Let ambient fruit
Somewhat reminiscent of
Deseo For Men

Play that piano
In surrender's jazz bar dive
Where you just smell nice.
Nov 5, 2021

This is a great cheap fragrances with a fantastic opening accord of cranberry and tangerine that is tart, fruity, crisp, refreshing, and just a touch watery. In fact I love the opening. It's so addictive. If I give myself about 10 sprays I can make it last for a good hour before it settles in to a nondescript base of light woods and white musks. But traces of it still remain for several hours before the scent basically disappears. Longevity isn't I Am's strong suit, but it's the kind of fragrance that is really easy to reapply. What's nice about it is that the aroma chemicals used to comprise the base notes aren't very strong or harsh, so that abrasive, headache inducing quality never really comes out even you put on 10 sprays in the morning and another 10 at lunch. I like fragrances where you can do that--just spray away with reckless abandon amplifying the opening notes and not worrying about anything after that. This is the kind of scent I throw on before running errands or in the morning before work when I want something very light for the day that will still provide me with a quick morning pick-me-up. Anyway, don't expect too much from this one and it will treat you well in return. I have fragrances worth 20 times what I paid for I Am King, yet this is one of my most used. Why? It's just so easy. And while it lasts, it smells so nice, so refreshing, and isn't complicated in any way. If something like that sounds appealing to you, check this one out. You may be pleasantly surprised. And don't forget--spray away! You really need to get that opening going for this one to work its magic. Don't be shy!
Feb 7, 2019

I don't know, this seems to get a pretty negative response in many of the reviews. Disclaimer: I am in no way shape or form a Fragrance Reviewer. I am fascinated with fragrances and enjoy collecting and wearing them, and will provide my opinions.

This stuff? It's great! I think sometimes people need to take a step back and think about what it is. It is a 100 mL bottle of cologne for under 30 bucks. It smells very pleasant, there is not one offensive odor in the cologne. I will state, this does smell like something the younger crowd would wear, perhaps 16-30. I am 31 and wear it occasionally, and I have to tell you that, every time I have worn it I get compliments on it. It is fruity, in the very beginning. As it dries down, and it dries down rather quickly, it smells like a generic, easy to like, scent. I wore this last night for an evening out with drinks and late night appetizers, two compliments on it about 4-5 hours after application. It is appropriate for all seasons but I tend to wear this in the spring / summer. I don't know how the holding power of this stuff would perform in the cold months.

Moral of the story? It is like 25 bucks, pick up a bottle and try it. If you don't like it give it to your son, nephew, friends son etc. I can see this cologne being very easy for highschoolers / college kids to wear!
Aug 13, 2018


I could not undesrtand why this was winner oscar fifi awards 2009!Yes i believe in is OK but not a particulary great.

Top notes full of citrus fruity.the base notes is soft on my skin.it is like a smile on a young boys face.one of the positive thing about is that it is extremely lovely for girls!

Also is romantic and Good choice for intimate occasions in summer nights.the longevity is average on my skin.anyway not king and not unique for me.

Jun 8, 2015

This is nice. If you like fragrances like Adidas Dare and IZOD, you'll love this. It has the same smell sort of. A melange of fruits, perhaps highlighted by kiwi? It has a tropical vibe to it.

Downside.. poor performance, one of the worst performers in my entire collection of over 300 bottles. I would agree it's for the younger crowd, but at 34, I still wear and enjoy this one often. Good on days when I want something full and bold, but short lasting.

Reviews here.. very misleading. Like one of the later poster's said, there is nothing bad about this in terms of smell. So for the price, it's actually a good deal, despite it having bad performance. It's also one of my most complimented. It's very linear as well, what you smell is what you get.. 2 hours later it's gone.

I don't often give fragrances with such poor performance my approval and thumbs up, but here, with the price being right, the notes being truly irresistible.. I think it's validated.
Mar 27, 2015

Genre: Woods

You sure about that? Because I think minor aristocracy is a stretch for this banal brew.

The opening salvo is a repellant isopropyl alcohol and bathroom cleaner accord that's trying to be lime and failing miserably. Truly some of the most detestable top notes I've encountered in a while. The aquatic cucumber and Calone that follow are merely dull and clichéd, so I guess they represent a step up. The scent pyramid talks dessert, but there's nothing remotely appetizing about the chlorinated pool at I Am King's heart.

The only distinguishing characteristic I can detect is an acerbic (and unlisted) herbal note suggestive of cilantro, and I have to work hard to find even that. I Am King dries down to the predictable common denominator of all “fresh, sport” fragrances since about 1992, and doesn't disappear quickly enough for my liking. Sean John's first fragrance was “Unforgivable,” but this one is irredeemable. Pimping this kind of detritus on cosmetics shelves may mark a new high in contempt for the consumer.
Jun 16, 2014

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