Hypnotic Poison Eau de Parfum fragrance notes

    • jasmine sambac, orange blossom, tonka bean, licorice, vanilla

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Hypnotic Poison EDP is an incredibly sexy and glamorous oriental vanilla & floral perfume which never fails to receive compliments every single time I wear it out. Although it's fairly reminiscent of the lovely original EDT, the EDP can certainly be considered an "intense" version of Hypnotic Poison since the sillage and longevity are insane (This perfume survives even after scrubbing in a hot shower as well as remaining on clothing for several days!). HP EDP is unapologetically denser and sexier than its progenitor but still reeks of elegance and sophistication. I bought a 100ml bottle a few years ago and only reach for it a handful of times each autumn and winter because it is undeniably a bewitching scent, one that shamelessly screams, "Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir?"
16th January 2019
Sniffing the top notes, I really like it. Spicy vanilla, one of my faves. It just doesn't last on my skin at all. I don't even know what the dry-down is, because 30 minutes later, I can't smell it. So, zero longevity for me.
26th November 2018

Just when I thought I was addicted to Hypnotic Poison Eau de Toilette, a sample of this comes into my hands and changes my world. I didn't believe it could be more beautiful. I'd say the EdT is gorgeous, and this is beautiful. And beautiful is better than gorgeous. All in all, it's softer, you want to caress it, pet it... or is it the fragrance itself which does it to you? The EdT says: I'm poison, take this into your face! The EdP doesn't say anything but takes your hand and show you it's world of vanity. The liquor ice is less agressive. The sugar less caramel-ly. What a work of art.
20th April 2017
IN THE PERFUME'S LANGUAGE:With my line,DIOR opens a door into the mesmerizing world of stunning scent.like every scent of my fabulous collection,i have a smell of fatal attraction, extreme sensuality and seduction.i am absolutely memorable and utterly irresistible.i am more intoxicating and intense version of its predecessor.my mysterious scent is a new generation classic.my scent reflection of a rebellious personallity that breaks the codes of seduction.i opens with attention-grabbing notes of prominent licorice and almond that blend with a voluptuous vanilla and charming jasmine to create a deep and evocative scent.i am sexy,i am delicious,i am aphrodisiac,yes i am HYPNOTIC POISON EDP.

IN MY LANGUAGE:i know you are classy and very seductive, romantic and sensual.i know your essence is of extreme charm.i know you love to smell passionate, sexy and sweet with unforgettable trail just like HYPNOTIC POISON EDT.to say nothing of warm and bewitching.not to put too fine a point on it,you have hypnotic eyes,well,dear meet HYPNOTIC POISON EDP.this may capture the pure seduction of your skin.i know your magnetic presence is as tempting and alluring as this EDP.as lustful and bewitching as a hot evening in winter, sensual?romantic?irresistible?sensuous?hypnotic?Yes,dear HYPNOTIC POISON EDP is just like you.buy it in a celebration of this legendry oriental vanilla ingredient with notes as lovely as the original is sophisticated.
22nd April 2015
I liked last year's Eau Secrete flanker, only I found it too quiet and hoped Dior could amp it up a bit. Be careful what you wish for: the new edp is exactly that.

Hypnotic Poison EdP starts with the requisite "bergamot" flash in the topnotes, followed by a gorgeous cherry/ liquorice accord. It is this mouthwatering gourmand accord that makes the fragrance worthwhile, though it can't hold out forever. It is eventually joined by a honey note, and then the fragrance gradually falls onto a pillow of vanilla and musks - a combination of fabric softeners and cotton.

It's all very promising, and yet the center feels hollow, as though the fragrance is sweetened with saccharine instead of real sugar. I think the problem is the Inner Void gouged open by IFRA and accountants: the place where natural floral materials used to be.

Overall the the fragrance is very good, but in the final analysis it's not a match for the highly polished original or Elixir.

21st February 2014