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    • Passion Flower, Vanilla, Vetiver, Jasmine Sambac

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I'd give this a thumbs up, except . . .

I first spritzed Hypnose at the Dillard's in my home city, onto a card and the back of my hand, and was instantly intrigued. Way sweeter and fruitier than I usually go for, but at the same time I found it bright and fun and even a little bit complex–the vanilla/vetiver dry-down was fantastic. Nothing ground-breaking, but I kept sniffing my wrist and the card, which projected the scent all day and into the evening. The only thing that stopped me from buying it then and there was that my Dillard's only carried the 1.7-ounce and I didn't want that large of a bottle.

Fast forward a few weeks later to another city and another Dillard's, which had a 1-ounce bottle of Hypnose in stock. I promptly snagged it and, once home, sprayed with abandon, inhaled that luscious Juicyfruit-bright opening, and then went about my business. A few minutes later I noticed something strange. Hypnose was GONE. Nose to wrist–nope. Nose to scarf–nope.

Bad batch? Bad timing? Bad chemistry? I have no idea, but even though I've never returned a perfume in my life, this one is going back. It's one thing to decide a perfume just isn't working on me. It's another to hang onto something that ends up smelling like nothing.
9th March 2020
Hypnõse - Lancõme
Had to spray this twice cause I thought it missed the blotter. A very weak scent- in projection, originality and raw ingredients. Great name though; its probably a 100 times more potent than the perfume itself.
3rd July 2019

Passion flower is one of those strangely alluring notes to me. It's fruity and floral. It's stemmy and green. It seems other-worldly. The vanilla here is high-pitched for awhile, like a vanilla extract for baking. It remains thin for an hour or so. It eventually becomes very creamy. The jasmine sambac here is just beautiful. Hypnose is an instant favorite - it is a bit different from other "mainstream" fragrances. I get only tiny sparks of vetiver here and there. It merges well with everything.

This remains smooth and comforting for hours. The creaminess increases. I am reminded of a garden's flower notes carried on a breeze. The bottle design is great. Overall, a lovely creation by Thierry Wasser.
10th June 2019
Fruity and fresh, sweet and acid. A bit floral as well. Light, but strong. Clear, but present. Hypnose EDP projects well and stays long enough.
25th January 2018
Hypnose is my favorite Lancome fragrance. It's a quiet oriental; very transparent. The licorice tinged vanilla supported by soft florals smells uniquely modern, because it isn't a sweet vanilla. Rather any sweetness comes across more as warmth than sugar. Hypnose is one of those rare fragrances that feels appropriate anytime.
26th April 2015
This one really surprised me! Had read so many horrible reviews of it over the years that I didn't even want to try it. But I finally did and oh my God, I am madly in love with Hypnose. On me it's quite linear and I'm glad it is....opens with the brightest, sparkliest passion flower and vanilla and Jasmine and stays bright, sparkly and gorgeous for a full five hours! This is addicting. Love it!
31st January 2015
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