Hyacinth and a Mechanic 
Tauerville (2016)


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Hyacinth and a Mechanic by Tauerville

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Hyacinth; spicy green floral beauty. Some roses, maybe. In the air: the toolbox, the woods of workbenches, the sweet oily perfume of a garage and men at work. Leather, oily skin and flowers.

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Reviews of Hyacinth and a Mechanic by Tauerville

There are 3 reviews of Hyacinth and a Mechanic by Tauerville.

Pee-yew. This smells almost exactly like when I burned out the clutch in my Volkswagen Beetle.

I didn't smell any hyacinths then, and I'm not smelling any in this perfume, either.

A blind buy that totally paid off. I read about this in a Luckyscent newsletter when it was re-released a few months ago and was intrigued by the description and pleased with the relatively low price. I don't know that I've ever actually smelled a Hyacinth flower so I can't really comment on that. The mechanic part, though, I totally get. Upon first application, this one has an almost oily, kinda metallic, and slightly rubbery smell. Reminds me of CdG's "Garage" and also a bit like Bvlgari's original "Black" (the round one with the rubber on the bottle) except amped up by a hundred. Not to say it's loud, but it's definitely not for the faint at heart. Easy on that atomizer, you'll be doing yourself and everyone in the room a favor. I've gotten about 8 hours from a spritz on each wrist, and it may be my skin chemistry, but it's rather linear. I don't get the change from top to middle to base notes in it. Which is fine by me - that opening blast of garage-y smell is intoxicating.

My final try from the Tauerville stories collection, Hyacinth and a Mechanic is the only entry that preceded the 2017 re-release for Luckyscent, having been available in 2016.

It's certainly the most provocative of the trio, as I regarding it as primarily a floral / animalic mix, but the note listening is curiously more benign, a mix of hyacinth, rose, leather, and woods, and based on that list, I'd expect something a little bit smoother, frankly.

But Hyacinth and a Mechanic comes off slightly biting, skanky, and even a bit funky, suggesting that the note list omits some key contributor(s).

Regardless, it performs well, is year-round and unisex friendly also, and remains a decent deal at $89 for 100ml for a well-above-average strength for an EDT.

The animalic vibe makes me not a huge fan of it but I'm nonetheless very intrigued by the blend and partly want to keep smelling it like one nags a toothache---just to see what continues to happen, even if a negative result seems probable.

6 out of 10

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