Hundred Silent Ways fragrance notes

    • Mandarin, tuberose, peach, white jasmine, gardenia, orris, vanilla, sandalwood, vetiver

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Latest Reviews of Hundred Silent Ways

There must be a hundred ways to copy La Vie est Belle, and this is the 99th best.
They both have a similar twangy-fruity accord, and a core of vanilla-iris. But in LVeB - which is overworked compared to this - the top notes and the base are largely hidden by the rest of the stuff that's going on.
And, going the other way - comparing this to LVeB; this is like the Lancôme has been top-and-bottom sliced, and the muddy stuff in the middle removed.
Which is a good start, but it's a missed opportunity.
Without the praline, patchouli, and all the rest of the padding round the iris-vanillin core, what remains is a void that - whether by design, or lack of imagination - remains largely empty.
The result is predictably skeletal, and gets more and more bitter-dry and sickly sweet; there is no conversation - merely a dumb grin of fake iris and vanillin.
25th February 2023
To me, this doesn’t register as the type of gourmand that is replicating something I ever ate before, it’s just a sweet, cozy vanilla with a hint of white florals thrown in. It’s so beautiful, I really love it a lot. I don’t even know what else to say, every time I wear it, I’m just thoroughly impressed with it. I tried others from this house but this was the surprise winner for me. I did not anticipate loving this the way I do, but here we are. It has good longevity and mild to moderate projection/sillage. I also notice that I catch myself smelling my wrists a lot with this one… addictive!
15th April 2022

Picked this up to mix it with Hacivat; however, the first few times i did that, all i ended up smelling were the white florals in HSW; i guess that when mixed with Hacivat, this is supposed to bring up that bright juicy aspect of Aventus, since Hacivat, on its own is pretty dark; not a fragrance that i'd be wearing without being layered with something else since this, to my nose, leans a bit too feminine; performance, like all the nishane's offerings, is really good, even more so than Hacivat's, who already is a beast. Will probably take decades to burn through this whole bottle.
21st September 2019
Intensely sweet white floral and vanilla concoction which has its charms once one has got used to the syrup. Gardenia, that unicorn of olfactory notes, is attempted here – and admittedly Hundred Silent Ways comes close apart from an intrusion of rubber in the odour profile and the strong dosing of vanilla which works against floral verisimilitude. After which it's mainly tuberose, as far as flowers go.
This is gutsy stuff with a big gourmand base of vanilla and cotton candy and a peachy ripeness in the mid-section. A baklava of a perfume, great in small doses, likely to induce a sugar coma if one overindulges.
1st August 2019
Beautiful floral gourmand. Very sexy, perfectly unisex in my eyes too.

This, along with Fan Your Flames, was inspired by poems of Rumi, which is amazing.

"I closed my mouth
and spoke to you
in a hundred silent ways"

If you like white florals (gardenia is what you get the most with vanilla) creamy sandalwood and caramelized sugar but in a refined way, this is for you.

Tip from Murat Katran is to layer it with Hacivat. I didn't try it since I dislike Hacivat. I think HSW is perfect on its own.

Oh and did I mention its a compliments galore too?

Phenomenal scent.

16th January 2019