Hugo Woman (original) fragrance notes

  • Head

    • wet moss, apple, cyclamen
  • Heart

    • water note, hyacinth, jasmine
  • Base

    • sandalwood, amber, vanilla

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Light, happy, sunshiney-day fragrance. Great for work, casual Friday, game night. Very clean and subtle- like freshly washed hair. Nice!
27th July 2019
HUGO is a soft feminine fragrance that
will instantly put you in a bright,happy mood.yes a fresh fragrance of smells fresh and clean and is light enough that it doesn't bother the people.crisp,modern,interesting,carefree, casual,youthful,independent,fresh and fruity.

The top notes encompass a fruity melody of apple and melon that is strong but in a mellow way however the change is beautiful and pleasant in the heart and the base notes too.this mix leaves a earthy and sweet smelling to wear either in office as well as in casual occasions.

This fun fresh beautiful smells for a energetic character and definitely a modern sporty young.a free spirit who is evasive of Love!It is perfect for spring / summer days.If you enjoy fresh,fruity scents and also if you are planning a day of fun HUGO would be a nice choice. nothing extraordinary but really enjoyable.
1st June 2015

As a 90's teenager I could really appreciate this scent. Feminine without the strong flowery notes. To me it resembled strength without being obtrusive, being noticed on a subtle way.
It works extremely well with white shirt and jeans or suit.
I agree with micci.
1st November 2013
I could write " This is a feminine from Boss" and you could immediately figure on your mind the typical synthetic kind of smell from the brand. I can add that for the main part of its trip the scent is cheap, fruity-floral, fluidy and too much alcoholic, furthermore that a touch of plastic musky vanilla tames finally the angularity of the mediocre juice. Nothing new, that's a boss, namely a mass marketed artificial fragrance. The notable elements are berries, green apple, citrus and lily. A touch of woodsy smoothness closes the round. Immensely boring and stuck as a Boss's.
31st March 2012
I'm obviously one of the minority here that agrees with this fragrance being a fruity floral.

Hugo Woman is crisp, fruity and only mildly floral to my nose. I found that this fragrance took a while to grow on me. At first I didn't like its sharpness in the opening, however giving it an hour to develop, I must say that I quite like it.

The scent is pretty strong, but never cloying. Hugo Woman smells like apple puree and tropical fruit juice. The crisp green apple note is for me the most dominant note in this fragrance, followed by black currant, melon and papaya.

The presence of the vanilla towards the drydown, keeps the scent from becoming too fruity and sharp. The vanilla adds a nice feminine and sweet touch, which makes Hugo Woman quite delicious.

I don't think this is the right fragrance to make a statement like the adverstising seems to suggest. Although inoffensive and pleasant, I don't find it to be particularly unique in any way. Just a nice, casual fragrance which would make a good staple in someone's wardrobe.

26th June 2011
Hugo Boss Woman is a soft, feminine fragrance that smells like a typical mass-produced perfume which is sold in "better department stores". If I didn't know that it was by Hugo Boss, I would have thought it was by Calvin Klein as it has that vague generic soapy, musky, dumbed-down smell that so many of his fragrances have (or had in the 90's. I now avoid them all). Hugo Boss Woman is best described as the kind of perfume to be worn when going to dinner at your husband's boss' house for the first time. It is inoffensive, lady-like and likely to leave a casual smeller thinking that you are a clean nice person. Yawn.
23rd June 2008
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