Hudson Yards fragrance notes

  • Head

    • pink pepper, lily of the valley, freesia
  • Heart

    • peony, bulgarian rose, lychee
  • Base

    • white musk, orange blossom, iris

Latest Reviews of Hudson Yards

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Lily of the Valley stands out, but I wouldn't call it a strong perfume. most of Bond no9 scents are powerhouses of fragrance, but this isn't as strong as some of them.
2nd March 2021
A beautiful floral with Lily of the valley being the first note I detected. More of a feminine fragrance IMO. The rose and orange blossom are great co-stars in this gem. I also get a touch of violet in this also. The ladies will love this one.
15th April 2015

Lovely floral spring scent from the House of Bond no 9 in NYC.

The start and heart are floral fruity for the first hour followed by a drydown of powerful musk intertwined with iris and orange blossom. There is a lot of baby powder so if you are a powdery scent lover this scent is for you.

The scent overall feels very feminine from beginning to end.

Excellent longevity and projection so 1 spray will last all day (potent juice).

Thumbs up!
6th April 2014
I love that freesia is in this perfume, the pink pepper makes it pop. Anyone who comes to NYC should def stop by one of Bond's stores that's where I tried it. Beautiful perfume in a beautiful environment.
26th March 2014