The inspiration for Bond No. 9's latest location-themed scent is the digital village, 'the world's most populated neighborhood'. Only available online. fragrance notes

  • Head

    • bergamot, pineapple, juniper berry
  • Heart

    • apple, blackcurrant, cedarwood
  • Base

    • patchouli, moss, musk, amber

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At first spray, this seemed overwhelming. The citrus of Bergamot is a potent blast. But the dry down??? Delicious! Smells like a sweet, powdery, musk. The longevity is killer. Compliment getter, killer sillage. Spray a few times and give this time to dry down. If you are going to build a scent wardrobe, this is the frag you need.

I don't like to compare to other lines so I don't get the references to all the other scents however, I have been a Bond fan for a while and the ingredients are top notch, modern, and the line features some grand slams that includes this one, Andy Warhol, and Bleecker street. Everywhere I go, I am complimented. I have probably helped Bond sell a lot of their stuff with as many of these others have purchased off of me.

Go Bond!

14th January 2023
Plastic Ananas!
16th September 2021

It's Aventus-like but not a clone.

There are plenty of cheaper Aventus clones that smell closer to the original than but it has elements of Aventus mixed with another scent that gets compared to Aventus often, Scent of Peace for him. It's more Aventus than SoP but it has that airy, green vegetal scent found in SoP just barely there in the background.

Good projection and longevity, lasts all workday.
3rd October 2018
Aventus, anyone? I got a 50 ml partial bottle of this and USED EVERY DROP OF IT (over 55 mini-beast-mode wearings). This is an excellent fragrance and would substitute for Aventus if you're just trying to stay "in-house". It's not as strong as The Scent of Peace (for Him), but still has good longevity and silage.
29th August 2018
Certainly the likening of Bond No. 9 HTTP to a middle ground between Creed Aventus and Bond's own The Scent of Peace for Him is quite valid, as HTTP embodies the pineapple and blackcurrant of each, though both are more reminiscent of Aventus, and the apple and juniper of The Scent of Peace for Him.

For these reasons, the top notes and heart notes of HTTP are more complex than either Aventus or The Scent of Peace for Him, but is this more complicated mix better than either of the two abovementioned similar fragrances? I'd say no, as both Aventus and The Scent of Peace for Him come of as more interesting and more refined in their own rights.

Performance is decent but one certainly wouldn't buy this for the performance. I find its freshness and fruitiness to be its strengths, but the blend still isn't as great as the ones that came before it.

I like HTTP but it doesn't do anything special for me. I already own Aventus and would consider buying The Scent of Peace for Him due to its relative distinctness rather than HTTP.

7 out of 10
23rd September 2016
No, sorry but this is a blatant copy of creed. And not done as well I should add.
17th July 2016
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