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A very potent little scent that brings immediately to mind red-hot cinnamon candies, albeit in a chic package. The cinnamon note very much characterizes this quite sweet fragrance, and the accompanying floral notes don't do much to slow that down. Unlike, say, Organza Indecence, a fragrance completely devoid of floral notes and one in which the cinnamon is very much tempered by a profusion of soothing woods, in Hot it's further pushed to the fore by the rose, jasmine and musk in the mix, all of which underscore the cinnamon's heat with warmth of their own. The sweet aspect comes from the vanilla and amber, though they're not as prominent as individual notes - again, thanks to that old scene-stealing cinnamon! As lovely as this fragrance is, it can be headache inducing if worn in anything other than moderation or in close, overheated quarters. Definitely for fall, nice for winter as well so long as you're not going to be shut in a small room with the heat turned up!
Aug 25, 2005

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