Homme fragrance notes

  • Head

    • lavender, rosemary, lime
  • Heart

    • anise, orange flower
  • Base

    • fern, moss, hay

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Top: lavender, rosemary and lime
Middle: anise and orange flower
Base: fern, moss and hay

The top note read as a little harsh but that could be because I'm not a big fan of rosemary. It soon settles in a slightly spiced lavender-centered heart with fern and hay in the mix. The anise and orange blossom are no more than accents in the scent.

It's very much in the fougere family and may read as a bit old-fashioned or formal but it's well done and I will miss my sample when it's gone. Not full bottle worthy but I wouldn't mind having a large decant of it.
19th August 2016
this is a wonderful cologne, a moder fern. a must in my wardrobe
19th November 2009