Hommage à L'Homme 
Lalique (2011)

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There are 30 reviews of Hommage à L'Homme by Lalique.

I’m with those who perceive this as a dry, woody (more than oudy) tobacco scent. Grapey violets are there close to the skin, but not in the sillage—at least, not on me—lending a bit of pipe-tobacco sweetness to what’s otherwise more of an unsmoked cigarette vibe. I’m liking it off the bat, and at the price this is going for, a FB might just be a no-brainer.
Sep 14, 2021

Hommage à L'homme is a tribute to the dashing elegance of violet and its re-imagining as a bold male signature. Wonderful, classic and inventive, it is... The homage opens with a petrol nuance of sweet violet leaf, a tarty bergamot and a leathery saffron, that gives way to a pepper-pimento exchange and a violet floral pungency, only to be piquantly held in check by a warm decorative oud and a honeyed musk of cistus. The overall effect is a violetly cool talc of warm rich resins, pulsating with soft sultry and dark steely edges. This is a beautiful ode to masculine panache, and a fitting commemorative for the man whose grace is innate and beauty, seasoned and sophisticate.
Nov 6, 2020

Lalique is the Anti-CK. Everything they make seems to have that utterly French, intellectual *and* romantic melancholy deepness about it. Nothing banal or light-hearted about it.

Hommage gives off a sweet and sour, boozy blast of blueberry/blackberry schnapps. Big and high sillage. When you’re wearing it, it says hello all the time and it makes itself known everywhere in the room. The drydown is not pleasant to my nose, and therefore it is not a welcome fact that it hangs onto my skin for days, even after washing.

But the bottle. And the box. Such tasteful, attractive design. I’m keeping you, Hommage.
Dec 26, 2019

Not really getting the grape soda aspect that other reviewers have noted; to me it's more plum-jammy. Possibly a forest berry syrup. Whatever it is, it's very fruit-forward for my wardrobe, so a bit adventurous. Intensely likable. Fruity-- dark fruit, but not sickly or musty or raisiny. Then spicy woods. Then that slightly mildewy backbone of Hommage, that dry-rotted shiplap (present in full rising damp mode in Voyageur.) Then, a hint of oud, synthetic and softened, almost like wet ink. Speaking of which, this sent is calligraphic. Intricate, timed like a tight production, and frustratingly short-lived. Two hours max for this frail stallion. Overall lovely, mature, manly, reserved, real.
Nov 2, 2019

Hommage à L'Homme is a splendid oddity of a fragrance, a more elegant, sophisticated take on waters tread in earlier years by fragrances like Versace The Dreamer and, to an extent, Versace Man. If the Versace fragrances offered peculiar violet-floral-tobacco blends redolent of vibrant Miami life, Hommage feels like a fragrance made to be enjoyed on moderately cool days in continental Europe by a reserved, stylish professional.

Hommage offers a very fruity, grape-like take on violet, with a synthoud base that adds a touch of dirtiness (humidity and temperature has a strong effect on how this fragrance develops and which elements of the composition become prominent, so sometimes that base seems invisible and sometimes it's very noticeable). The effect is syrupy but in a way that's appealing and even a touch refreshing.
Sep 5, 2019

Yo prissy oud wood
Deserves to be slapped by some
Movie heroine

Name of Violet
As pixels dance and shudder
And the eye music

And the nose music
Jitters just right to where it
All feels like one script

Two fifty six bits
Of something or something else
"It's the texture, man!"

He says, as if these
Damn aromachemicals
Weren't just some damn Tek.
Apr 25, 2019

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