This was the first collaboration of its kind. Artisanal perfumery with a quarantine twist—Homeros was born during lockdown, because of lockdown. 

Down here in southern Antalya along the coast of the Mediterranean, you see the Greek islands hovering nearby. So close you could probably swim there. 

This is where I’ve been since lockdown began, unable to return to my atelier. It’s the frustration and longing to capture the scent around me that gave birth to the Odyssey Collab.

Homeros is the result of my collaboration with artisanal perfume connoisseurs who joined in making the perfume not just possible, but what it now is. They were my surrogate nose as Homeros was composed by an anosmic perfumer through the prism of his fellow fragheads’ input and feedback. 

Homeros fragrance notes

  • Head

    • cedarwood, bergamot, castoreum, blue cypress, ambergris, civet
  • Heart

    • persian rose, orange blossom, blackcurrant, osmanthus, elderflower, mimosa, saffron
  • Base

    • siberian musk, oud royale 2004, borneo oud resin, maroke oud smoke, maroke agarwood resin, green kyen organic extract, vintage kupang sandalwood, white ambergris tincture, tolu balsam, oak wood, patchouli, tobacco, cacao

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Latest Reviews of Homeros

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There is a lot going on here, a tremendous wallop to the olfactory system that stimulates the brain. Euphoric, if you will. I’m especially intrigued by the agarwood smoke. Underneath the unrelenting power this parfum projects...of wood and costly agarwood oils, you’ll find delicate exotic florals and Siberian deer musk. At times, I detect a mentholated piercing/attractive greenness. The scent has an animalic radiant warmth (without the pissy skanky funk) along with raw-leathery-smokey components that remind me of the finest oil tanned leather goods. It’s all there....and more. So much to take in.
27th May 2022