Hollywood Royal fragrance notes

  • Head

    • candied apple, pear, pomelo
  • Heart

    • creamy white petals
  • Base

    • cashmere woods, soft musk, vanilla, marshmallow

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Latest Reviews of Hollywood Royal

I enjoy this one in the way I enjoy hearing vintage Go-Gos songs when I'm stuck in LA traffic and life is losing its magic - it represents the hopeful energy of this place, which I sometimes take for granted until I leave its bubble.

I can agree that the Jolly Rancher-like fruity notes at the top are pear and apple only by process of elimination - they're not berry, peach, watermelon, pineapple...They fade into a softer, milder version of the salty white floral from the original Juicy Couture, which is joined by what seems to be rather a lot of Cashmeran, and part of the composition of Couture La La while they're at it. Around that time I'm starting to hate it and to wonder if I need to scrub it off, though before I can get to the sink I'm won over by billowing puffy clouds of a marshmallow-y, clean musk. This base is a really fab skin scent if it agrees with your chemistry, and it quietly lasts for hours. That said, skin scents are already a big focus in my wardrobe, so I sent my bottle to a very girly friend who I knew would just squee at how it looks on her vanity!

5th January 2016