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Mancera (2018)

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Reviews of Hindu Kush by Mancera

There are 6 reviews of Hindu Kush by Mancera.

Sweet spices, amber and incense is what I mostly get from Hindu Kush. The spice opening is unique to me in that it projects a light, oily sweetness - perhaps the cannabis and labdanum notes. The incense isn't smoky or heavy and pairs well with the spices. I get a lot of amber tones as it dries down, that are well blended into the other mid and base notes. Like most Mancera's, Hindu Kush has excellent longevity with above average sillage. It's unique and well created, but not something I would want to wear very often. Thumbs up though.
Sep 16, 2021

Hindu Kush opens with a sweet spice and incense combination. The Labdanum is heavenly...

As it dries down, the amber, vanilla and patchouli dance together to create this earthy, sweet, ethereal combination highlighted by the lingering spices...

As others have stated, the cannabis is almost non existent but could be hiding in the back ground.

Would definitely wear this on a regular basis during fall and winter but if you are looking for a more incensed fragrance you may be disappointed.

1-2 spritz on freshly cleaned skin before dressing is ideal. Cold weather only
Nov 10, 2019

The opening reminds me a lot of Black Afgano. Has a cannabis like note but lots of incense. Drydown is all incense. Not a huge fan tbh but I can see it's uniqueness and artistry.

Jun 1, 2019

The opening is sweet, floral and a bit dirty. The hemp has that hint of metallic skin sweat mixed with the pleasant and maybe feminine sweet florals. I don't get much smoke/incense until the mid-phase but even then it's not overwhelming. The late drydown is very pleasant...a nice, soft woody-amber.

Projection is quite persistent during the first 5-6 hours and the scent lasts all workday on my skin.
May 30, 2019

I sniffed my way through a bundle of Mancera fragrance samples and Hindu Kush was the winning choice to be the next member of my collection. I like this scent. It is powerful and masculine with an incense, labdanum and guaiac melange as the central theme followed by biting memory of patchouli which adds fuel to the fire. I am reminded of Dior Leather Oud which is very similar, and could be a cousin with the exception that there is no leather of any type here. I don't smell cannabis which is listed and the name refers to a cannabis type - doesn't smell like any cannabis I've smelled - but the name gets attention. The scent is very good and I highly recommend it.
Apr 15, 2019

Hindu Kush has a strong oriental woodsy (perhaps, the cannabis) fragrance with a slightly sweet bent! I get the spices, labdanum, incense, the strong patchouli leaf, mixed with some amber, vanilla, and musk that is very detectable. A good frag head (Hednic-basenotes) shared some insight, ultimately helping with the acquisition of this which really helped.

Hindu Kush is very strong,...POTENT is the correct word; you do not need much of this, as with this brand-some you only need a spray and a half and you are set on projection, longevity, silage, and performance. This is no different; you could get by with only two sprays maybe 2 & 1/2 and you are GOOD FOR THE ENTIRE WEEK....lol!! If you go more than that you will need an EMS because you will choke...and those around you will pass out.

Overall: a WONDERFUL fragrance!

(I have the 120ml bottle, so this will be around forever because one spray will do the trick...)
Aug 14, 2018

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