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Hindu Grass by Nasomatto

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Hindu Grass is a men's fragrance by Nasomatto

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Reviews of Hindu Grass by Nasomatto

There are 28 reviews of Hindu Grass by Nasomatto.

Opening is sharp, acrid, grassy (not the lawn kind but the tall, spindly kind). It feels like a leap of faith waiting for it to develop. However, it settles and the sweeter, juicier patchouli starts emanating, oddly a bit like vetiver, a bit like tatami mat. Not showy, but unconventional and unapologetic about it. I can imagine a yoga teacher or someone into locally sourced foods would wear this.

A big, unappealing wodge of patch-hemp vaguely reminiscent of Zino or Coze, but sweetened to the point that it feels greasy. My sample may have gone off - there's a staleness that I feel was not intentional, akin to the smell of vegetable oil that's been sitting uncovered too long. I smell the rubbery scent of oiled galoshes and tarpaulin tents, and the cupboardy smell of clothes folded away last season. The bergamot is very sharp and manages to slice through the lump of sugary, grey-green lard that is the patchouli. Unfortunately, although it eventually mellows out into a beautifully rich rendition of the type of patchouli I normally love, its foghornish 'voice' persists and ruins it for me.

What starts as a sharp, grassy (yeah...I know), patchouli punch, eventually fades nicely into an amber woody tobacco shop breeze. I like it.

Stardate 20180822:

A nice boozy patchouli. Has some elements of Givenchy Gentleman. Very unlike typical Nasomatto.

Neutral cause for the price you can buy Vintage Givenchy Gentelmen or Giorgio for Men - both are better than this one.

Gauche, gaudy, victorian, utterly severe, and completely smothering. Something the child catcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang would wear.

The green grass opens this scent very beautifully in an ethereal fashion, but soon it retreats and remains close to my skin. After a couple of hours a slightly sweetish wood-tobacco note arises and is surprisingly nice.

The sillage is soft, the projection adequate and I get a longevity of six hours. Very good quality ingredients. 3/5.

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