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Himalaya by Creed

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Himalaya is a men's fragrance launched in 2002 by Creed

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Reviews of Himalaya by Creed

There are 181 reviews of Himalaya by Creed.

This one opens up with some fresh bitter notes of grapefruit and our lemon and bergamot notes. I suppose it's trying to emulate a fresh and crispness of the winter outdoors. This is followed by some synthetic wood-like notes. It's supposed to be sandalwood and cedar but to my nose it doesn't feel like it. The base is followed by the familiar ambergris and some musk.

For some this kind of scent will work, for me it does not. It started off with some potential before giving up. I was looking for a bit more complexity and depth and this one does not provide that at all. It's a very safe and casual scent.

in 2021 almost 300 euros for a product that opens with a citrus blast identical to a bubble bath (yes, exactly, identical to a badedas or vidal type of bubble bath) and which after about 15-20min turns into a vaguely citrusy / woody / skinscent musky; I mean ... at this point I take an extra shower, with badedas.

This is a Creeds most basic AF offering.

Highly casual, beautiful opening, but not overpowering, completely gone within 4 hours.

Himalaya dry down is very reminiscent to that of Acqua di Parma original Colonia, all the way to soapy finish.

For the price point they are better offerings out there.

A very clean and pleasent Creed, with a heavily obvious ambergris dry down..to me it's a lot like green Irish tweed for its fresh approach, citrusy instead of grassy with a similar ambergris rich structure, Himalaya has a luxury ivory hand soap feel tho in the dry down. I suppose I could connect the smell with all things pure and tranquil that is associated with the Himalaya mountains, except there is no harsh weather or fellow mountaineer's falling to their deaths, it's a sunny day and the climb ahead is full of optimism. I get around 6/7 hours performance with an hour's projection..makes for an excellent staple in the spring and summer.

Affable, likeable and very approachable. I will actively seek out another sample of this as it simply didn't stand up and grab me on the first couple of wears, but there is something intriguing there.

Silver Mountain Water's sample was enough to let me know a bottle wouldn't work for me, but with Himalaya I'm just not quite sure yet.

I'm also wondering if batch variation has influenced my sampling - citrus, cedar, sandalwood and ambergris presents as my ideal fragrance based on my tastes.

I definitely like it, just not sure if I like it enough to own it.

As with some of my favorite Creeds this took me awhile to appreciate just how good it is. At first i really disliked this (blind buy). However now i am almost out of my 75ml bottle and will definitely be getting a 120ml this time.

This has actually garnered me quite a few compliments and a few people have even asked how i smell so fresh and clean. This in my opinion is the yellow version of GIT and i find i enjoy it more in the cool months.

Will definitely remain a staple in my collection and can't wait to get a big boy bottle.

That feeling when you get out of the shower on a cool morning and that fresh citrus blast peppers you is magic!

However i do wish it performed better!

I just received my 2nd bottle of this (100ml 2016 batch) when I opened the parcel I found the bottle had leaked about 10ml, clearly the ring beneath and atomizer was loose. Anyway i got a small refund to compensate for this as, I decided to keep the bottle because this thing had BEAST performance on me..I'm talking projection and longivity that just goes and goes!

The bottle I had prior to this lasted about half as long.

I can't wait for the cooler months because this will be my go to cold morning scent!


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