Hilfiger Est. 1985 
Tommy Hilfiger (2008)

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Reviews of Hilfiger Est. 1985 by Tommy Hilfiger

There are 16 reviews of Hilfiger Est. 1985 by Tommy Hilfiger.

Boring aquatic like scent when first applied, but once it dries down gets slightly more interesting and better. But still nothing that sets the world on fire for me, but I've owned/have worse. On a positive note though, the longevity for a fresh scent seems quite good...and I'm wearing this on a cool and rainy day.
Mar 17, 2015

I was shocked that this fragrance wasn't a sensation on here, I received a bottle as a present and as soon as I sprayed it I knew I was in love. To me Hilfiger1985 makes a connection and I guess that is what we all strive for when trying on something new, an initial hit of Wow, a hit that makes you stop thinking and try to let the scent put you somewhere. I could wear this at any occasion and feel comfortable, like an old friend is with me. Yes to me it is that good.

The only downside is the longevity. In a way I'm glad I go against the majority here as its each to their own, it also means its connection to me will find its way back into my collection soon.
Mar 6, 2015

Generic HilfigerA citrus-bergamot opening with papaya and a bland wood drydown. Fresh but bery synthetic and generic and distinctly unexciting. We need hundreds more of these scent to get more bored....
Sep 26, 2013

I didn't like this much at first, I thought it was too generic. But I stuck with it and I have totally changed my mind. This is a lovely woody/spicy EDT that lasts. It has a lot of character to it. I think this is gorgeous.
Nov 10, 2012

Another generic criminal – fortunately this one does not get away with murder, expiring mercifully instead after about an hour. Synthetic citrus-spice dime-a-dozen ‘gents’ combo. The pale blue colour of this stuff says it all; another loser reliant on marketing to snare the gullible. Close inspection reveals a few miniscule points of interest – a sharp little stab of sandal, a recalcitrant bubblegum hiding in the wings. Disregard all the exotic ingredients listed – they’re not part of the olfactory experience of this one.
Jul 23, 2012

I'm going to go against the grain on this one.
I like it.
IMO it's better than that darn Tommy that smells like so many other frags of it's genre.
The initial spray can be synthetic.
But I like the drydown and the Papaya.
Yes, there are similar fragrances out there but 1985 still has some different notes that make it enjoyable for me.
Silliage is so so.
Longevity 5 plus hours for me.
Best For Casual Affair.
Jan 31, 2011

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