A younger brother of Higher, which according to a Dior spokesperson, will be a "more dynamic, electric and younger fragrance, developed around an urban theme"

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Smells like a clean, 90's scent with some nice freshness and spice, but it's not big on anything other than smelling like an Eternity flanker. Pretty average but versatile.

Projection is good and it does seem to last for most of the workday on my skin.

13th July 2021
The first whiff I got from this was like a blast from the past, and that blast's name is Eternity for Men by Calvin Klein (1989). And then Eternity had a bastard child with Pasha by Cartier (1992), and Higher Energy (2003) was born (hey, the timeline kind of works in my make-believe scenario!). That's what I'm getting from this stuff.

It is by no means a bad scent, but it is by no means a great or even a really good scent. Dior said that this was aimed at a younger crowd, and by golly they made a scent for the younger crowd. I truly believe that men over 30 should never wear this; it smells like something a teenager would wear. Or something that a teenager whose parents have money would wear. Honestly, if you were to tell me that this was some drugstore scent, I wouldn't doubt you, though I might qualify it by saying that it was a pretty well-made drugstore scent. The initial blast definitely has that synthetic Eternity sharpness to it (the grapefruit/pineapple acidic note harkening Eternity's mandarin note), but it mellows down into a Pasha-like fresh fougere, which makes this seem like an odd scent to me, as it was created in 2003, but really smells like something out of the late '80s/early '90s. This is not bad stuff, but it reminds me of that bottle of Jazz by Yves Saint Laurent (1988) that I have, in that they are not too dissimilar scent-wise, and that the odds of me wearing it again are pretty slim, though you never know.

I'm not giving this a thumbs down, as it didn't offend my sensibilities in any way, but I can't in good conscience give this a thumbs up. The sillage is pretty good and the longevity is solid, as well, so if you actually like this fragrance, that's good news. But as far as the scent itself, I find it to be a rather uninspired re-hashing of older stuff. Higher Energy (it sound like something President Trump would say Jeb Bush needs) is like frozen pizza. It's inferior in basically every way to freshly made pizza, but it has its place for some. There are so many better options than this, but for some, this is what turns their crank. With that said, I'd say that I'm being somewhat generous in my neutral rating of this one.
21st March 2019

It's nice to finally sample Dior Higher Energy, a purportedly fresh and sporty take on the more provocative, earlier Higher, which is now discontinued and I've not sampled.

Higher Energy is quite reasonable in most respects as a designer freshie, balancing freshness and being quite pleasant and agreeable with some degree of provocativeness. Pineapple and grapefruit are familiar opening contributors, while juniper and mint spike up the mix a bit. The fragrance dries down into a heart of incense and pepper, giving way to a base of what comes off to me as sandalwood, musk, and perhaps cedar.\

It's not specifically very masculine but perhaps leans slightly masculine with the inclusion of the pepper and incense, specifically, but it's a quite pleasant unisex freshie fragrance overall, more ideal in composition for warm weather but also due to performance, which isn't great, with mediocre projection and longevity.

Pricing is fair at $55 for 100ml on FragranceNet. I don't see any standard retail sources (like department stores) still selling it, so Higher Energy seems to be confined other retail sources (i.e. Walmart, vendors) and the secondary market.

One I'll likely try to acquire as, if I had to guess, this too will be discontinued at some point.

7 out of 10
26th July 2017
The opening is quite pleasant with grapefruit, lemon and mint, but awfully generic. There is a bit of light pepper in the drydown, and the base on my skin is a dull wood and vetiver. Very generic and boring, will poor silage, limited projection and two hours longevity on my skin. Negative.
31st January 2014
A guy who spends a lot of money that isn't his. Drives a car that is someone else's concern. Always moving. He is wearing really crisp, clean clothes. He stands out but not due to his lavish spending but because of how straight forward and simple he is dressed.

Very James Bond.
16th October 2012
This fragrance smells amazing on me. From the moment my body begins to warm this fragrance up it truly is amazing. Actually, a female roommate of mine once loved it so much on me (she would literally start following me around the apt) she went out and bought it for her boyfriend. That bottle of fragrance was good to his love life.... so idk. Maybe it's just something about my body chemistry...
4th December 2010
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