The latest male launch from Dior, 4 years on from Dune for Men. Desgned for the youth market, this is very fresh and has an eye catching bottle.

Higher fragrance notes

  • Head

    • citrus notes, basil, pear
  • Heart

    • spicy notes, cypress, rosemary flower
  • Base

    • pear tree wood, musk

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Possibly the worse fragrance I have ever smelled. Flash floor cleaner and pencil shavings.

A scrubber, (that requires several scrubs to eliminate).
1st March 2022
En par with Pasha de Cartier, well that style at least. Not modern even for the time when it was launched at 2001. Fresh, aromatic in an atypical, nonaquatic way.

Citrusy, aromatic and very sympathic. Relaxing and mature at the same time. For the summer heat and laziness in a spacey summer villa near the sea.

Brings about positive emotions, quite elating!

Originality 6/10
Scent 7/10
Longevity 8/10
Projection 6/10
27th July 2019

Great scent, fresh/spicy with a fruity backbone. Great for mildly warm Spring and Summer days.

Unfortunately it is much weaker than what I remember from the bottle I got as a present the year it was issued (nearly 20 years ago).
Indeed it projects moderatly for 30min, before settling as a skin scent and fully disappearing after just 3hrs.

Worth it at discounted price, but I m sad they destroyed my memories...
4th May 2019
Very fresh, bright fragrance from Christian Dior.

Starts out with a noticeable burst of basil (great in cooking and colognes, cool ;^>) accented with spiciness including rosemary. Citrus opening notes last for an instant, mostly disappearing after drydown.
Remnant is a stable cypress, along with a small aquatic tang with a slight kiss of musk.

Reminiscent of 360 Degrees Red by Perry Ellis (though not as intense)and a very toned down Ralph Lauren Purple Label.

Higher seems more suited for younger wearers in warmer weather. For me (being in my 40's), I can see myself wearing this for casual occasions, or for wearing around the house.
5th January 2017
This is a very weak effort from Dior. If they were going for a weak bland scent with no longevity they did a great job. I don't believe this is anything more than cologne strength. This lasts no more than 2 hours with no projection. The quality just isn't there considering the price it's being sold for. Plenty of other quality scents at this price point that would be way more enjoyable.
8th June 2016
One word for this fragrance yummy. from start to finish it is obvious a light fragrance.delicious similar strawberry ice cream!a unisex fragrance!

Fresh and soft.It brings me a image of a very young.for everyday and every special days in my opinion it brings composure to your face.

My complain is that is doesent last long on my skin but HD is still a lovely cologne for me.very casual and modern fragrance.
22nd April 2015
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