To celebrate the first anniversary of Higher, Dior launch this limited edition black bottle. The scent is the same as the original.

Higher Black fragrance notes

  • Head

    • citrus notes, basil, pear
  • Heart

    • spicy notes, cypress, rosemary flower
  • Base

    • pear tree wood, musk

Latest Reviews of Higher Black

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I'm the only reviewer of this scent?! Wow...

Higher Black takes the energetic, citrus vibe of the original Dior Higher series and adds a black tie evening bend with the use of fancy spices and piney flair a la the cypress. Very unusual wood in the base ("pear tree wood") which I've never seen anywhere else, adding a bright, light starchiness that meshes well with the musk.

Sophisticated, wearable especially in colder weather in night time formal occasions (though it can be worn without issues in the day time as a nice work scent).
30th November 2018