A limited edition update on the original Herrera for men. This version has a sensual blend of Vetiver, Sandalwood and Amber

Herrera for Men Sensual Vetiver fragrance notes

  • Head

    • lavender, vetiver
  • Heart

    • sandalwood
  • Base

    • amber, clove, tobacco

Latest Reviews of Herrera for Men Sensual Vetiver

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Quite simply one of the finest green fragrances on the market. Herrera's sensual vetiver embodies what a warm green masculine fragrance can be. I say green and not necessarily woodsy. Completely different from Guerlain's vetiver, and yet, like the Guerlain, this one could have become a classic.
17th December 2007
It smells like original Herrera but with a blast of natural vetiver, it helps to curb the sweetness of the original Herrera. I think this one is a little more classy than the original, very nice overall but I am not sure I would say it is "sensual."
2nd June 2007

This one is, again with classic Herrera, a very good scent. It's easily recognizable from the others: Herrera ginger and Herrera original, yet it still retains a lot from the original, and that means it's respectful of its name. The same happens with the other brother Herrera refreshing Ginger. The difference with the others is of course the heavy use of vetiver in here, this vetiver is the type of green, very grassy, not too dirty and very elegant vetiver, that doesn't have the dark base, of, for example, Guerlain's Vetiver, it's also not as fresh nor watery as R&G's Vetyver, and it rests comfortably between the two, always masculine and always with a determined gaze, but with an ease and confidence that's very alluring. This vetiver is young, strong, and very attractive. I wonder if Carolina Herrera will be making some other limited eds. of this scent. Herrera for Men would feel very lucky and grateful that such great company and offspring would come along, if they are in the same league and quality as these 2 limited eds, I'd buy them in a second!.Both herrera's ginger and vetiver are possibly, some of the best versions of an original scent for men out there.
9th April 2007
i love and fondly revisit the original herrera, but my body chemistry has changed and it smells sour after drying down, this one the Vetiver keeps it much dryer and richer A+
18th December 2006
This is an absolutely wonderful scent, that builds on the classic fragrance of Herrera for Men. If you already own the original Herrera for Men, you may find this fragrance a bit redundant since it's extremely similar to the original. I find it thoroughly enjoyable though since it's one of the first vetiver fragrances that is very modern (unlike Guerlain's Vetiver, which although extremely wonderful, smells dated and a bit old). If you love the original Herrera for Men, and need to buy some more, I'd give this one a try.
6th November 2006
Simply Superb! Herrera seems to have accomplished the impossible by making a vetiver-based fragrance actually smell "sensual".The "Sensual Vetiver" masterfully mixes the raw grassy scent of untamed vetiver with the sexy base signature scent of her earlierfragrance named "Herrera for Men". The combination is simply breathtaking.This is a very special vetiver-based fragrance; acquire it with vengeance!
19th October 2005