Herrera Confidential : Saffron Lazuli fragrance notes

  • Head

    • saffron, blackcurrant, tonka bean
  • Heart

    • rose, orris
  • Base

    • guaiac wood, vanilla, leather

Latest Reviews of Herrera Confidential : Saffron Lazuli

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Ungodly sweet that I couldn't tolerate past the 20 minute mark. Realistic rose is ok, jammy rose not ok - this has the latter. Did I mention the sweetness.... Scrubber
13th October 2022
I think I've found my leather , post Tuscan leather that is, lazuli combines popular saffron with blackberry and rose (jammy and key to the likeability)...overlapping a generic yet realistic leather accord , the deal breaker for me though is the balance, just the right amount of supporting notes to keep it silky and addictive, I had 5ml before I took the plunge so felt well positioned to buy it, if that means anything, totally unisex in style but will smell sexy on any skin, nice packaging and great performance.
6th August 2022