Herrera Confidential : Iris Empire fragrance notes

  • Head

    • davana, cinnamon
  • Heart

    • violet, orris
  • Base

    • chocolate, leather, patchouli, benzoin, olibanum

Latest Reviews of Herrera Confidential : Iris Empire

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Not a mass-pleaser, totally gender-blurring, reminds a makeup bag with a piece cof dark chocolate in it. It reminds me Dior Homme but the iris in Iris Empire is dialed down significantly compared to Dior Homme.

Spraying it on skin, you get a slight, almost cinnamon spice on the opening followed by a slight, almost marshmallow like sweetness. From there it is mainly just that smooth and powdery iris. The leather mixture with benzoin, gives it a certain classiness.

Definitely more of an evening, date night fragrance. If you are not usually the biggest leather fan, but the way this leather blends seamlessly with the vanilla, and iris makes it smooth as silk. Good performance.
27th June 2022