Herrera Confidential : Herrera Tuberose fragrance notes

    • indian tuberose, orange blossom, vanilla

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Tuberose is a heady, sweet and precious flower, it is voluptuously sensual aroma fascinates and hypnotizes. This lovely flower is on of the most heavenly scent just like this one. Herrera Tuberose is a heady but not overpowering scent. She seems confident and commanding, as well as refined and elegant. Ladylike, luxurious, carnal, magnificent, expensive, heady, classy and romantic.

The provocative blend of tuberose and orange blossom gives way to vanilla which envelope the skin in divine warmth. This scent reminds me of a lovely queen in the tuberose garden. The dry down is deeoer than the opening. The scent is noticeable without being spicy. Perfect for a romantic dinner date. A great choice to makes a lasting impression. Heaven in a bottle!
10th September 2015