Herrera Confidential : Burning Rose fragrance notes

    • Bulgarian rose, cinnamon, ginger, Indonesian patchouli

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The scent of queen flowers. Very well executed rose scent. Smooth and voluptuous, enveloping the wearer in a bubble of deep juicy rose with a haunting quality. The rose seems to float in between the gorgeous ginger and patchouli. Without a doubt a great rose/patchouli but not one of the best. It pretty reminds me Montale Aoud Rose Petals. Deep, rich, oriental, smoky, sweet, fascinating, opulent, luxurious, elegantly sophisticated and completely unisex.

The fusion of a passionate bulgarian and damask rose surrounded by voluptuous patchouli and captivating myrrh accords, is exalted by an accord of ginger and delicately spiced cinnamon makes a epitome of luxury and a caress of captivating sensuality. The rose figures is strongly from opening. It feels quite unisex and the perfume lasts long. Definitely this expensive perfume is suitable for special evening occasions.
19th August 2016