Herrera Confidential : Amber Desire 
Carolina Herrera (2015)

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HERRERA CONFIDENTIAL exudes impeccable style and fearless confidence just like this one.AMBER DESIRE is a rich and balmy perfume made up from the most decadently sweet amber.the fragrance seduces with classic middle eastern dates notes topping a heart of mysterious rose and the sweetness and depth of amber. I feel in love with this scent.Distinguished,Sweet, Warm,Captivating,Sensual,Allring,Luxurious,Exquisite, Desirable and Clearly Unisex.

The initial blast is heavy but really lovely.it quickly mellows into a elegant spicy amber rose and in the background I can detect a touch of vanilla to create the lingering final impression in the heart and senses.here the rose doesent smell as heavy as taif rose to me as it is a little soapy on my skin.this too expensive perfume is syitable for special occasions.anyway it can be a unexpected, unconventional and winner accord of precious amber for HERRERA fans.


Longevity?Very Good on my skin.

Aug 14, 2015

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