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Herod  by Parfums de Marly

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Herod is a men's fragrance launched in 2012 by Parfums de Marly

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Reviews of Herod by Parfums de Marly

There are 48 reviews of Herod by Parfums de Marly.

Jammy tobacco. Dried figs dusted in cocoa. Chewy and sweet, powdered. Rich, warm and pleasant.

UPDATE: Three hours in and I’m addicted. The initial splash of dense sweetness has given way to sexy woody man musk. I smell like I’ve been making out with a sweaty, pipe-smoking lumberjack and I AM HERE FOR IT.

A cinnamon soaked flower surrounded by plum-tobacco on a bed of earthy vanilla and spiced transparent woods.


If this is what osmanthus smells like, then I want to smell more osmanthus: sort of like animalic jasmine.

Surprisingly, Herod smells less like an edible confection than I feared. It is sweet, but the depth and complexity of the fragrance stop it becoming sickly sweet.

For me, any more than four sprays is overwhelming. Longevity is about ten hours and projection is good.

If Red Tobacco by Mancera is too much for you, or too synthetic smelling, then give Herod a go.


Parfums de Marly has REFORMULATED Herod. I own an older formulation which has an alcohol concentration of 78%. The new formulation I see in stores has 81% alcohol. My formulation is a dark orange / amber color. The new formulation is a very light, faint orange in color. The new formulation does not last as long and it smells different. Parfums de Marly fragrances are ALWAYS getting reformulated and become much weaker than their ORIGINAL releases. Parfums de Marly HAS NOT been transparent when it comes to the reformulation of their fragrances. Carlisle, Layton & Oajan have also been reformulated and have 3%-4% more alcohol in newer batches.

A light and fresh vanilla with a bit of tobacco and a bit of spice, but doesn't come off 'edible' or gourmand to my nose - mostly like a bright, pale yellow color.

As it dries down, some of the heartier notes come up - the tobacco becomes more prominent, there are mild hints of vetiver. But I think the note I notice most is Iso-E-Super.

If you're into thick, rich tobaccos or creamy, dreamy vanillas, Herod will surprise you with its softness and subtlety. The note of Iso-E-Super means that you will get a nice, pleasant sillage. But when I put almost any other scent on one wrist, and Herod on the other, after smelling the first wrist, and then smelling the wrist with Herod, I smell almost nothing at all - it's that light. Yet I will draw compliments wearing this. So again, it's a very Iso-E-Super experience in that respect.

I think I just expected slightly more from PdM. The tobacco is very light. The vanilla is very soft. And the Iso-E-Super gives it that sugary cedar vibe. To my nose, it's not a wonderful blend. Just ... well - I think 'bright, pale yellow' is the best I can do to summarize Herod.

As someone who thinks PDM is an overrated brand that came out of nowhere and became popular in high-end department stores, I find this fragrance to be pleasant with its vanilla tobacco scent. However, the cinnamon note doesn't sit well with me. The performance is impressive, which is typical of most PDM fragrances. But if I were to spend PDM prices, I'd prefer to go for something like Tobacco Vanille or another vanilla-ambery scent.

Ultimately, it's your money, and you have the right to hype up this brand if you so choose.

Bold gourmandish opening. In lines with hanae mori. Gets dollopy sweet towards mid notes. Basenote is, much more tolerable. Nice in fact.

I do not prefer these type of gourmands..however I can imagine how this is more of personality based choice than anything else. Would smell great in parties and on females

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