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Burberry (2022)

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Hero Eau de Parfum by Burberry

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Hero Eau de Parfum is a men's fragrance launched in 2022 by Burberry

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Reviews of Hero Eau de Parfum by Burberry

There are 5 reviews of Hero Eau de Parfum by Burberry.

Overall, a well-performing, very pleasant, sweet tobacco-type scent that reminds me of Herod by Parfums de Marley and 1 Million Privé by Paco Rabanne. Since I already have a bottle of the latter, as well as Oakcha Moira, CK Shock, and Alexandria Fragrances Arabian Horse, redundancy is a factor here, so I'm not compelled to pursue Hero EDP. Recommend.

I thought I sprayed Million by Paco Rabanne. Very sweet and so similar to Only The Brave by Diesel which is a fraction of the cost.
When these sweet nightclub scents came out most of us were raving over them. For me they're just a bit generic now. But a thumbs up as it's not a bad smell, just been done before

I really like this fragrance. I do wish there was more pine needles or maybe some fir added. I get some sweetness, lots of cedar and incense. I find this to be exceptional for winter wear. For the right price (DO NOT PAY RETAIL), it is a winner in my book. Enjoy!

I'll echo Varanis Ridari's review. Why would you pay $130 USD or $150 CAD for this fragrance when you can get something similar for $40 at discounters? This isn't a bad fragrance, but it's so boring, redundant, and expensive. Wait until it hits the discounters.

Spoiler Alert: This fragrance has absolutely nothing to do with its predecessor in smell outside of juniper and the triple cedar dose claimed to be in the base. With that out of the way, Hero Eau de Parfum by Burberry (2022) isn't half bad, but is "isn't half bad" good enough in the over-saturated and underdeveloped realm of designer men's fragrances in 2022? What we really have here is the Burberry take on what Azzaro has already done with Azzaro Wanted by Night (2018), taking their run-of-the-mill daily wear fragrance and transform it into a sweet and sultry clubber or night-time scent. Now to be fair, this isn't necessarily a bad thing if you are in the market for something richer and sweeter from Burberry, but don't want to backtrack to something like Burberry London for Men (2005); but for most people without that specific need, this is yet another sweet spicy woody-amber scent to toss on a mountain of similar scents that everyone's tired of, or should be. This is the sort of thing I think actually peaked with the Avon-built Hervé Léger Homme (2010), which had much more individuality to it, and some classic men's fragrance nuances while still feeling modern to boot. Burberry Hero Eau de Parfum is meanwhile still focused on the obfuscated messaging of the "heroism" of being an average Joe.

The opening here is the sweetest of them all, with ethyl maltol-powered oohey-gooey notes of sugared spice with some resinous pine sap maybe, although I don't get anything recognizably "pine" here. What I do recognize is a bit of that juniper brought over from Burberry Hero (2021), which was also perfumed by Aurelian Guichard, mixed with some ambery-tobacco like compounds such as tabanon, that in large enough quantities can come across like a dirty dishrag. Thankfully, I don't get dirty dishrag here, but I do get plenty of fake incense on tap, although not actually -bad- fake incense, just something a bit scratchy and obscure like what is stuffed into a number of these woody-ambers anymore, thankfully dosed to at least remain pleasant. After that, it's benzoin, tonka, and Iso E Super on tap, with a bit of the "sour woodiness" again from the eau de toilette precursor, but otherwise avoiding any direct callbacks. Burberry Hero EdP is nice enough, and that's it. What else is there to really say? This is a cheaply-built but well-blended sweet woody amber with a bit of pseudo-incense and pseudo-tobacco over the "must be British" juniper and dry spices that remind you this is still Burberry, regardless of whether the outgoing Interparfums compounded this, or current-to-release license owners Coty. Performance will go the distance in longevity, which is a bit of an oddity for a Burberry if I do say so, while projection is just fair.

Oh well, at least this isn't trying to be a three-way tango between Dolce & Gabanna K (2019), Dior Homme (2020), and the "super cedar" of classic Terre d'Hermès by Hermès (2006), all doused in bottom-shelf plastic-bottle gin like the eau de toilette entry. I If you want a dependable sweet woody spicy that's unassuming and stays out of everyone's way like a working-class flatmate from Merseyside, Burberry Hero Eau de Parfum might fit your bill; and it does have that modicum of sour woody manliness that will make it stand at least a bit apart from all the super-sugarfest woody-ambers you could be wearing out to dinner. Once again though, is that really enough? For me, I'd say no and here's why: This is a whopping $130 retail. Considering you can get Wanted by Night or nearly anything in that category for $40 or less from an online retailer, why would you pay the same kind of money that could net you something like Terre d'Hermès Eau Intense Vétiver by Hermès (2018) for a generically-sweet evening out fragrance with exponentially less personality? I wasn't enthused about the original Burberry Hero but at least they weren't trying to fleece anyone with that release, keeping it more or less at standard comparable designer pricing. Burberry really are becoming mad lads aren't they? Neutral

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