Hermèssence Vanille Galante 
Hermès (2009)

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Hermèssence Vanille Galante by Hermès

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Hermèssence Vanille Galante is a shared scent launched in 2009 by Hermès

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Reviews of Hermèssence Vanille Galante by Hermès

There are 23 reviews of Hermèssence Vanille Galante by Hermès.

The vanilla in the opening is unusual in that it is not a heavy intrusively sweet note, but a bright, light crystalline and. restrained vanilla. Interesting.

The rest is a triad of spices - very gentle, hints of white smoke, and a woodsy undertone.

I get soft sillage, weak projection and four hours of longevity on my skin.

The actual vanilla in the ancient for warmer autumn days shows just enough presence to be counted. The rest is so weak that one wonders why someone diluted it to such a weak level. A shortage of laboratory supplies? Minimalism as an excuse for the lack of quality and olfactory presence? 2.5/5

Sunflowers F454 by Vincent van Gogh 1888

People into longevity and sillage look away now.

I blame my dislike of vanilla to the plethora of cheap vanilla fragrances overpopulating the market since forever. Most people generally not into perfume, whenever they decide it's about time to buy a fragrance, they go 90% of the times for something vanilla-centered. The problem is that of this 90%, another 90% of the time their choice go towards cheap-goumrnadic and overly sweet vanillas.The result is that we're surrounded by cheap vanilla. As a matter of fact, I very rarely can stand vanilla fragrances (exception made for a bunch of older Guerlains, some ambers and very few others).

With that said, Vanille Galante is completely another thing. I'm generally not a big fan of Ellena's *light touch* but in this case it definitely played in the fragrance favor. To me, VG reads mainly as a watery-floral with vanillic facets. There's a banana peel vibe going on (probably provided by the ylang-ylang) and a bitter, kind of smoky, presence contrasting the overall sweetness. The result is beyond sophistication in my opinion. Light but noticeable, extremely elegant and, in the end, quite an unique take on the main theme.

Now, two more considerations:

1) As most of the Hermessence, I find this overpriced. It's good and I thoroughly like it but it's not better than most of the *regular* Hermes if you like their general style. Both quality-wise and artistically-wise.

2) For the most part, my theory is that there aren't good ingredients and bad ones. Yes, there are better and worst quality vanillas, there are materials that depending on one's tastes are more appealing than others but, the big difference is made by how perfumers use them.

Downline: Vanille Galante is probably not a masterpiece but it's a thoroughly enjoyable fragrance in my book.

I really like this one! Sheer, sweet and subtle.

I get a lot of ylang-ylang in here (along with that characteristic faint, yet creamy hint of a banana like note). But what I especially like here is Jean-Claude Ellena's transparent use of vanilla. Forget the heavy, boozy, almost animalic vanilla of Guerlain, etc. Here the Vanilla is wrapped in very light spices and cognac. It's still quite light, but by no means fleeting. I would best describe it as "transparent". Neither too light, nor too heavy and cloying.

His inspiration was the origin of Vanilla as a trading spice, being brought across oceans in long voyages on sailing ships; along with other spices such as cloves and cinnamon, all tightly packed next to wooden barrels of cognac etc. All these ingredients can be detected in this fragrance, and they are all balanced beautifully.

I think Vanille Gallante is actually a really beautiful one. I know other people get rotten banana out of this, and that's a shame. But to me it's smells like hints of spices, Indian chai tea, and a creamy vanilla extract. I find it quite intoxicating. I think this is my favourite use of vanilla outside of a Guerlain perfume. Very different though, but I appreciate his take on it. Not bad Ellena!

Genre: Oriental

Sweet nothing, this one. I'm losing patience with Jean-Claude Elléna and his Hermèssence scents. The minimalist dogma behind them has already produced pointless art in other media, and the vapid, gutless fragrances that Hermès charges so much for are starting to smell like an insult to my intelligence. Granted, there's a halfway interesting smoky vanilla-based floral oriental hiding somewhere in here, but I have to look very, very hard to find it. Wear this if you like Shalimar, but are afraid someone might actually smell it on you.

An interesting perfume, but ultimately not for me.

There's a variety of pink jasmine that grows like a weed here in the San Francisco area. It smells beautiful, not like the jasmine we know from perfume, but more like an artificial banana smell. I know that doesn't sound very appealing, but when you encounter it walking down the street, it really is a fantastic aroma. Vanille Galante uses a banana smell that reminds me of that San Francisco pink jasmine, played against some waxy ylang and a particularly milky lily. There's an almond/marzipan heliotrope in there for depth as well, which is also nice. The vanilla isn't really that edible vanilla smell I'd expect, but instead just a sort of a creamy sweet richness that makes the florals feel thick and candied.

It's an interesting effect, but even when you focus on the flowers, it's hard to ignore that this smells like some sort of sweet artificial banana candy. Or, to be even more specific, it reminds me a little too much of the smell of powdered cake mix mixed with fake banana and milk. So, as much as I enjoy Vanille Galante in theory, I don't really like it in practice.

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