Hermèssence Cardamusc 
Hermès (2018)

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There are 1 reviews of Hermèssence Cardamusc by Hermès.

To my nose, Cardamusc is a study in the combination of cardamom and geranium, taking place over soapy white musk. It's a clever combination - both cardamom and geranium share a dank leafy green quality, as well as fruity and herbal facets, and a floral roundness.

Cardamom can be problematic, as it has a very dark, sour urine facet that can be downright horrifying. The soapy musk does a good job masking it for a while, but a few hours in, after the soap fades, there's a point where Cardamusc ends up smelling like anise liqueur served in a damp, dark, urine-soaked cave.

In theory, I've geeked out on the combinations of smells enough to have enjoyed spending a day in Cardamusc, but at no point have I ever smelled it and just thought "that smells good". Instead, it's more of a curious fascination with something I haven't really liked that much.
Dec 29, 2018

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