Héritage Eau de Parfum 
Guerlain (1992)

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Reviews of Héritage Eau de Parfum by Guerlain

There are 12 reviews of Héritage Eau de Parfum by Guerlain.

Not for me, thanks. It's basically a Jicky-esque poopy fougere with powder. It's got the lavender and tonka you'd expect, along with Guerlain's signature mix of plastic diaper musk and actual poop musk, but with powder on top. It's very Guerlain, in that it's clearly an off-shoot of Jicky, and it's also essentially Shalimar without the vanilla.

Honestly, I don't like this particular Guerlain recipe in any of its incarnations, so alas, Héritage doesn't work for me either.
Nov 17, 2020

Amazing,just like the edt. Maybe more heady with an incense note. Nothing much more to add. Perfection!!!
Mar 2, 2020

This is one of my favorites among the style of traditional, masculine woody orientals. Heritage features a fairly complex blend of spices, woods, and aromatics, and as a result comes across as an interesting and engaging scent. There's an excellent sandalwood accord present here, paired with a dry, earthy-mineralic patchouli and it seems to serve as Heritage's backbone, around which you'll find various embellishments. There's the resinous comfort of amber in its base, which adds depth and fullness; a prickly, aromatic accent along its edges, lead by pepper and oakmoss; and some pleasantly musky funk, slightly warm and animalic, and possibly rooted in coriander, as its dominant smell that accompanies this particular musk. What results is a mature, woody masculine that is both comforting and elegant, alluring and composed. While Heritage would certainly be appropriate to wear with a Tux, dressed up, it's perhaps even better when worn with a flannel, a relaxing warm blend that's perfect company on a lazy weekend. It's this reposed aspect of comforting warmth that I enjoy most about it, and which I find is just a bit more abundant in the EDP as opposed to the EDT. While Heritage may have lost a little bit of its charm over the course of various reformulations (which fragrance hasn't?), the current EDP is still very nice, and as long as I'm not wearing it side by side with an older iteration, I barely notice a difference and enjoy it just the same. While I was originally concerned about how the juice in the new style of Guerlain bottles would smell, I have to say that I think they've done an excellent job with them. If any reformulations have occurred (and they most likely have), they're very well done. I was impressed by both new bottles of Vetiver and L'Instant. Heritage EDP has certainly not disappointed either. Thumbs up. 8.5/10
Aug 13, 2019

Heritage is probably the Sultan of the designer fragrances' Empire (if could eventually the House of Guerlain be labelled this way), a masterwork of parisian art, a purely masculine royal "crystal". An Opera Theater-kind of fragrance. This EDP version if a warmer, more voluptuous/intimate/baroque/musky/musty/incensey but probably less complex/bold/hesperidic/peppery "format" (less kaleidoscopic along the dry down's long tail). I love to combine either Edt and Edp (each one of the two prayed in a different part of my skin) in order to assemble in a single long olfactory run the whole vast array of spicy/oriental/hesperidic/sacramental nuances. God bless Jean Paul.
May 14, 2019

Have owned a bottle of EDP for quite some time, and at first thought I had a bad bottle of weak juice. But now, after a couple of years, I love this EDP. It does really last for me, not overpowering, but subtly bright and aromatic. One of my all time favorites, for now anyway!!
Dec 21, 2018

I researched this fragrance, as well as Habit Rouge, before purchasing both from FragranceNet. Unlike my initial uncertainty with Habit Rouge and learning to appreciate it in the dry down, I immediately liked the top notes of Heritage. Like Habit Rouge, it does not disappoint, but unlike Habit Rouge, the journey is more pleasant. I enjoy the heart notes and bass notes which create a synergy that blends each element perfectly to produce ongoing reminders, or waves of olfactory pleasure, which whisper in quiet waves. The sillage invites the senses in a manner that draws a curious response, and the invitations are sent all day, due to the longevity of this fragrance. This is a the kind of fragrance you wear when you mature and appreciate the finer things.
Dec 10, 2018

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