Herbes Troublantes fragrance notes

    • thyme, rosemary, Mint, Calabrian bergamot, Orange blossom, Musk,

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This is somehow ethereal & weightless, while also suspended in wax, as someone described. The treatment of the herbs reminds me of how Chanel styles their citrus offerings. The musk resembles the musky mid-drydown of Neroli Outrenoir.

While H.T. never veers into freshie territory, it is fresh, elevated, unisex, and a somewhat barbershop summery experience. This isn’t a cologne; it’s an EDP that has a dignified presence. Longevity is better than expected (several hours), but it is close to the skin. This can be modulated by the number of spritzes.

This seems like a formula that may have been done before, but if it has, I’ve never found it. Thumbs up!
14th April 2023
Metallic watery citrus and a stale Eau de Cologne.
It’s not very herbal, and only troubling because it’s so poor.
Smells like a Chrome flanker.
2nd May 2022

Guerlain – Herbes Troublant

Translated as “disturbing herbs,” Herbes Troublant begins with what seems like a very light green tea impression. The pungent bergamot and the sweet orange blossom notes meld, the former to restrain the latter. The base mixture of herbs (rosemary, mint, thyme) is restrained and dusty, producing an orris-like impression.

The result is a light, green, slightly sweet, herbal floral that is quiet and restrained. This is probably best worn in the heat of summer days or nights. It stays close to the skin with hardly any projection or sillage. As such, it is more of a personal scent than one worn for others in social situations.

Certainly inoffensive and possibly uplifting to some noses, it is perfectly pleasant, but in no way singular or impressive. It is definitely not “disturbing,” so the name is misleading. I believe this would appeal more to the older audience than the younger, as it has a kind and gentle aura, reminiscent of days gone by.
20th April 2022