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Helmut Lang (2000)

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This seems to have a buttery musky type scent. Created for top designer Helmut Lang by Procter & Gamble. The bottle looks simplistic but stylish.

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Reviews of Helmut Lang Eau de Cologne by Helmut Lang

Basically just synthetic lavender & rosemary with heliotrope. There are white florals to fill in the gaps, some powder and a woody base, but I find it sharp and tedious, like someone who talks too loud and doesn't have much to say.


2ml vial in a baggie lined with a white tissue, judging by the design it's the original one.
Sep 28, 2020

(This is a review for the Original version). Simply beautiful! White, pink and yellow florals upon a freshly polished cedarwood base surrounded by fresh white laundry. A very clean and refreshing scent with vibes of white soap and sherbet - in a very good way!
Nov 11, 2018

Helmut Lang EdC is a real joy to wear, all year round and for all occasions. I'd classify it as a woody, mossy oriental with a hint of dry woods.

The version of Helmut Lang EdC that I have was purchased over a decade ago (i.e., not the reformulated version). The scent is full of a warm vibe of frankincense, myrrh, cinnamon, amber and musk. There is a leathery vein in this one, adding to the masculine sensation.

Helmut Lang EdC is a reliable, confidence inspiring fragrance that lasts a good while throughout the day. It is not loud, nor is it unpredictable. It feels solid the whole time, even at the critical stage of fading when it could easily become cloying and take crazy olfactory u-turns. A wonderful go-to scent in my collection of colognes!
Jan 30, 2017

This little number is very attractive. There's a reason they brought it back after the earlier run, which sold out and was unavailable for a long spell (as I understand it).

This juice is very likeable. The opening and first ninety minutes are so, so enjoyable.

Toward the end it is still holding together, and you can remember what the opening smelled like.

Sadly,r the spoiler for me is a fairly long stretch in the heart where when I sniff, and I get mostly ... scented baby powder. Nearly as if it were a solifloré of that note.

I like powderiness, and even that mystery accord they still use in J&J baby powder, but this is a case it's a little too much by itself, with not much to support it, and so it's all I can smell for a while.

I suspect this is a unique condition, a curiosity in the way my skin plays out the notes of the composition, but whatever the root cause, for me this issue puts HLedC in the "cannot be FBW" class.

All that being said,for me it'd have to give it a neutral, but would strongly suggest any interested readers to test for yourself, as it's a very friendly composition whose quality is readily apparent, and so I am scoring it as *thumbs up* in my public rating.

Jan 15, 2017

I think this must be the reformulated version.

It reminds me very much of Gold Musk by Santa Maria Novella, as the overriding impression is of an expensive soap you may find in a five star hotel.

The main problem is the longevity though -- I reckon 3 hours at the most and at the current price-point that's just not good enough.
Nov 8, 2016

Powdery, floral, musky with a rather synthetic lavender glow. Not really close to the classic eau de cologne backbone (no citrus or herb notes besides the lavender), however it is very well blended and has good projection. A genderless, classy and most of all inoffensive morning/office scent.
Feb 9, 2015

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