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Official notes:
Almond, Buttercream, Hazelnut, Mead, Rum.

This is such a delicious, nutty and boozy fragrance! Wow! I am swayed by this gourmand. It smells rich, tasty and very addictive.
17th September 2022
Hot buttered rum… No doubt about it: it's my favorite after skiing drink. The full rich dark rum comes through first and then a sharp honey note. Finally, the nut (almond? mace?) note makes it to the top along with the butter. I'm getting a touch of cinnamon in there and I suspect a light floral that seems to hang around far in the background. It's nicely put together and doesn't seem to have a very strong sillage, but it has excellent longevity. As much as it smells like hot buttered rum, it does seem more feminine than masculine. An unusual gourmand… I think it would be excellent on the right person.
12th November 2008