Héliotrope fragrance notes

  • Head

    • bergamot, neroli, heliotrope, ylang ylang
  • Heart

    • heliotrope, rose, jasmine, iris
  • Base

    • musk, tonka bean

Latest Reviews of Héliotrope

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AaaaaHeliotrope delight! A beautiful opening where, like always from beginning to end, heliotrope rules. In the opening it is bright and fresh, with a hint of citrus and a subsequent splash of aldehyde-like notes added in. After the first few hours a restrainedly sweetish floral turn is evident, with whiffs of an ylang-ylang like undertone and less fresh, but still and always a radiant bightness that never leaves until the end.

The second half retains the sweetish undercurrent, with whiffs of a light styrax-like waxiness, but the heliotrope remains in the controlling foreground - always.

The performance is truly superb: fairly strong sillage, excellent projection and an outstanding thirteen hours of longevity on my skin.

A wondersome and delicious scent for warm spring days, composed of top quality ingredients whilst interesting enough in spite of its practically monofloral character. 4/5.
27th February 2016