Hedera / Ivy fragrance notes

    • Grapefruit Leaf, Ivy Sap, Lentiscus Absolute

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Well, try to ideally combine Montana Pour Homme New- the blue box's one (let's say at its 60%) and Cartier Declaration (at its 40%), add a touch of mouldy-minty and sharp-fluidy greenness a la Esencia de Loewe (and a vague twist of aqueous floral sharpness) and you will know how L'Erbolario Hedera (edera= ivy in Italian language) smells like. This fragrance is a musky-floral-citric chypre, such a "full immersion" of musk, woodsy resins, spices (a "Cartier-like" cardamom and nutmeg I suppose), citrus (bergamot-orange and a huge grapefruit) and soapy synthetic amber (geranium too?). I suppose patchouli (and may be orris root) provides a touch of earthiness. Is supposed to be included lentisque absolute and ivy (edera, from which Hedera) which of course increase the general earthy greenness of the fragrance. Along the dry down the vegetal tart greenness recedes and a general soapiness gets in scene. L'Erbolario's concoctions elicit similarities with more renowned fragrances out there (think at the comparison between Corteccia and Cuiron, for instance) but L'Erbolario (as usual) obtains (deliberately or not) the effect while including different notes (a combination of natural and synthetic of course). Thumbs up since with a cheap price it works almost better than "others".
28th April 2015