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Heaven Sent (original) by Dana

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Heaven Sent (original) is a women's perfume launched in 1941 by Dana

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Reviews of Heaven Sent (original) by Dana

There are 10 reviews of Heaven Sent (original) by Dana.

I'm sorry, but as far as I'm concerned this particular vintage scent may stay lost. Not sure why, but once it comes in to contact with my skin horrifying things happen. Rive Gauche, Emeraude, and Straw Hat (Faberge) have a similar effect on me. The only Faberge frag I ever liked was Babe and now it's nearly impossible to find as well. :(

Animalic, vanillic/ambery, with supporting florals, one the thick/heavy side of the spectrum. That seems to be about it, but it's done well, with at least decent projection/"sillage" and good longevity. I've got one that is really old, and might be from the 1950s. It smells natural and has no flaws. It says "Heaven Sent" on the label. Perhaps it lacks a bit in the "excitement" department, considering the competition was Shalimar, Emeraude, Mitsouko, etc., presumably.

As an amateur collector of vintage perfumes, I wanted to acquire an example of the classic Heaven Sent. I snapped up a bottle from the UK via eBay - but when I looked closely at the label, I was surprised to see it spelled 'Heaven Scent'. With a c!The rest of the label says:"Made in England by Liberty Cosmetics Ltd. Under licence from Helena Rubinstein. Sole UK Distributor, Liberty Cosmetics Ltd, SW4 7ET."It's a 30ml eau de toilette spray, cylindrical wavy glass bottle with a baby pink cap. The label is pale pink with silver stars, and an image of cupid drawing his bow (just like the one embossed on the glass bottle above). Looks like it's from the 70s.There's a thread on the 100Perfumes site where people have been arguing over the correct spelling of Heaven S(c)ent. Some say it's only ever been spelled "Heaven Sent" (as per all all the vintage bottles currently on eBay) while others insist that there was a frag in the 60s/70s called "Heaven Scent".The Perfume Intelligence Encyclopaedia, which has several entries for this fragrance, spells all incarnations (MEM, Rubinstein, Dana) "Heaven Scent". No mention of Liberty. Oh dear.Well anyway, to describe the actual fragrance... it's a soft, powdery, aldehydic floral not a million miles away from the old Je Reviens. I can definitely make out jasmine and perhaps even apple blossom. I can imagine this being worn by a young girl in a pink gingham frock, 50s style.

The original Heaven Sent is worth seeking anywhere. Do not accept modern imitations...my first foray into Heaven Sent territory was in the mid-70s, with a tiny bottle my mother had. She said it was the scent she wore back in high school...I started wearing it too. Fell in love with it. I have a scent memory of it that won't go away. Bought it all through the 70s...then I got away from the soft, young girl stuff, and fell into the 80s with Obsession, Cinnabar, Opium, and all the intensely spicy ones popular then, meant for women who wore big shoulder pads and big hair. (I kept receiving these as gifts. I don't remember buying any of those for myself, but I still liked them.) How I miss the original Heaven Sent...back to girlish days...well, it's me off to Ebay to find it now!

When I was a teenage guy in high school (back in the mid 60's) this was the scent that all of the girls wore. It was really a nice sexy smell. Powdery, warm and not too strong. Wow, that was 44yrs ago. To this day, Heaven Sent reminds me of those "first" intimate times with the girls. It brings back so many fond and very pleasant memories.

My very first perfume! Mom bought this for me in third grade. Very powdery and feminine.

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