Heaven fragrance notes

  • Head

    • bergamot, lemon, rosewood, lavender
  • Heart

    • jasmine, cyclamen
  • Base

    • musk, amber, cedarwood, tonka

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Latest Reviews of Heaven

Heaven was very much a victim of it's year released. This fragrance came to the market in the same year (1994) that Ck One released and really changed fragrance game, Ck One being the biggest selling unisex fragrance, and the impact of how that changed the middle aged and youth of the 90's. Heaven is a very simple scent of lemon, wood, and synthetic wood. These three notes alone more than adequately get the job done though. A bit soapy and crisp with just a little underlying sweetness.

The scent opens with soapy lavender, in your face zesty sharp lemon, mild rosewood; making it strong and eye-opening. After about 30 minutes, the floral heart appears, almost out of nowhere, overlapping the citric side and changing the fragrance completely. When the soapy zesty sharp lemony notes begin to mellow, the scent becomes nicer. As it dries down to the base in stays fresh, but a bit of powdery warmth breaks through. This is like sitting naked in a pier hugging your loved one, gazing at the endless sea under the moonlight.
8th June 2022
I went through three bottles of this last decade... and to tell the truth, I don't know why I liked it so much. The first bottle did seem unusual, and that I'd found my signature scent: bright and woodsy, less spicy than some of the other colognes I'd tried. But by the last bottle, I wondered if it had gone off or was counterfeit (it was so hard to find), as it had a non-descript chemical scent, not offensive, but lacking in appeal.
19th November 2015

That is a splendid opening, and whilst bergamot, lemon and lavender sound traditional, the wood notes, mainly rosewood and cedar, give it a unique and very attractive twist.

The drydown gets woodsy with more cedar, jasmine, nutmeg - I agree with Colin Maillard - and includes as well a herbal-floral tone, jasmine mainly. In the base, however, a somewhat second-rate vanilla with a pale ambery musk appear. The base is a bit nondescript on my skin and very close to the latter; on the other hand, the initial sillage and projection are good. The overall longevity on me is about six hours.

The opening is a fine feat, hence a positive score, but the rest is less exciting. 3/5
10th March 2015
Heaven by Chopard is a balmy, yet quite bold floral-woody scent, slightly creamy too, solidly centered on a classic accord of citrus and woods – mostly (good, dry, aromatic) cedar, then white musks, spices (I smell quite a lot of nutmeg even if it's not listed) and jasmine. All blended with a definitely 1990's musky-ozone feel. Shortly, a modern fresh fougère, I agree with Renato's definition below. It has a peculiar sort of blurry and nondescript "mineral" freshness, milky and lacustrine, with the typical synthetic feel of many scents of that decade. A bit similar to Nemo by Cacharel, even if less spicy, less complex, less "futuristic", and more woody. A bit generic, as it's basically a citrus-woody scent with floral notes and a musk-ozone feel (*this close* to a '90s deodorant, in short), but decently made for sure.

3rd November 2014
Contrary to other opinions, I haven't come across any scents remotely resembling Heaven. To me it's a bright, lively scent with excellent longevity and sillage. By the H&R charts it's a Fresh Fougere, but to my nose it also smells a bit oriental to me.
3rd February 2011
A by now discontinued sort of bracing aroma of bath soap or sport deodorant with a masculine strong undertone, a perfect after shower useful to stroll refresched around home or along your quarter streets but undue for any sort of date, office work, or special occasions out there. It is surely lacking texture and distinction. Similar to a discontinued manly Byblos Uomo, Heaven is a kind of juice that reminds the early 90's "gymnastic type" of fragrances. The creation features notes of lavender, musk and tonka surrounded by flowers and woods.
Musk and amber well round the dry down imprinting a good dose of warm (salty/sweaty/organic in vibe) virility.
16th November 2010
The best fragrance. I love it. There is a problem buy it.
1st October 2006
According to the somewhat dubious taste of Andre, the valet of my friend Marcel, Heaven by Chopard is definitive babe bait. Poor girls?
8th February 2006
A rather dull fragrance with limited longevity. I can't think of any similar fragrances but it just strikes me as really mainstream.
12th October 2005
Discontinued cologne from Chopard made in typical early-90s fashion. Think of a cross between Eternity CK and Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme and you get the idea what it smells like. The quality is great, no doubt about it, but there's much more colognes out there that smell more distinct and have a sharper personality. I liked it a lot back in time when it first entered the market, but I doubt I'll get a new bottle if I ever come across of it.
1st December 2002