He Left His Cologne In My Bedroom 
Tauerville (2017)


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Reviews of He Left His Cologne In My Bedroom by Tauerville

There are 2 reviews of He Left His Cologne In My Bedroom by Tauerville.

A light, airy scent that has a fresh, shaving cream/after shave combo familiarity that my dad would have smelled like back in the 80s-90s. He probably still smells like this after a fresh shave.

It's not sexy, seductive or even modern but it is masculine, fresh, clean and classic.

A perfect daytime or office scent due to its low projection and airy nature.
Feb 3, 2020

My second try from the Tauerville stories collection, He Left His Cologne In My Bedroom is mainly a mix of citrus, mint, and herbs, geared significantly more toward warm weather wearing but just as agreeably unisex as WWCAICSYPOMC but overall not as provocative.

The specific note listing is limited to bergamot and rosemary and presumably some type of mint, and that's it, in addition to perhaps some further undefined citrus and herbs. It's fresh and thoroughly mint, with a slight herbal tinge, but it doesn't stand out that much overall and certainly doesn't elicit as positive as a response from me as WWCAICSYPOMC did yesterday,

Performance seems fine, but even at its decent pricing of $89 for 100ml, I imagine one would only really buy HLHCIMB if one really loves it, since it's easy enough to scratch the citrus/herbal/mint itch in various cheap fragrance options.

Very agreeable, and enough of a winner to be worth trying, though I probably won't ever gravitate toward buying a bottle, myself

7 out of 10
Nov 1, 2017

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