hb01 fragrance notes

  • Head

    • orange flower, blackcurrant, peach, green leaves, bergamot
  • Heart

    • rose, jasmine, lily of the valley, iris, tuberose, ylang ylang
  • Base

    • vanilla, cedarwood, sandalwood, musk

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hb01 opens with gorgeous floral accords, but is hindered by something a bit sour and "day old" in the middle and base notes, which must be cumin because sometimes I think it smells like leftover Mexican food. The dry down morphs the fragrance into something that smells like a men's fragrance...but still with that persistent sour note.
13th May 2009
Too "perfumey". A fake floral gardenia and a little sweet. Just really, really banal and trite and a failed attempt and making a nice floral.
17th January 2009

Remember that inexpensive super-pungent 80's fragrance, "Jungle Gardenia"? Well, one of the best niche perfume lines have produced a reinterpretation. I know that gardenia is not one of the listed notes but to my nose, biehl's hb01 is a dead-ringer for it. One sniff and I guarantee you"ll be transported back to the days of big hair, shoulder pads and lots of makeup. Hb 01 is a big jolt of gardenia with a tiny bit of spice (cumin, maybe?) in the top note. The middle/base notes are basically tuberose and other white flowers which turns hb 01 into a close cousin of Giorgio (loud, vulgar, obvious floral). As gardenia scents go, I much prefer Chanel Gardenia (understated stylish gardenia) and Monyette Paris (luscious, tropical gardenia) to hb 01. Or, if you just want a truly beautiful elegant floral perfume, I'd highly recommend biehl's mb 01 over this. Here are the notes, courtesy of The Perfumed Court: top: orange blossom, blackcurrant, peach, gardenia, green leaves, bergamot, Middle: rose, jasmine, lily of the valley, iris, tuberose, ylang ylang, Base: vanilla, cedar, sandalwood, musk.
2nd September 2008