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Hayati by Al Haramain

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Hayati is a women's perfume by Al Haramain

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There are 5 reviews of Hayati by Al Haramain.

They DO have a spray version called Al Haramain Treasure. I've been wearing it for a year. I have both (big investment), but love both for different reasons. Very sensual.

nice long lasting nothing feminine about it.

Hayati is a woody musky creation of considerable reticence – not the usual turbo blast one expects from Eastern perfume oils. This is probably intentional as Al Haramain marketing copy calls it ‘a gentle and incredibly refined fragrance' which is ‘delicate, clean and long-lasting'. It wears like a just-about-there aura, rather than a statement of intent. It lasts well enough, but these kinds of perfumes often have me straining my nose to enjoy them.
Adding to its woes is a not terribly interesting central accord – wood of the pencil shavings and new furniture variety, coupled with a clean musk that is more air than scent. In the early stages there is a hint of green cardamom, and later on a certain creaminess to the profile that is also a positive.
But ultimately, Hayati's voice is thin and weak, and when you sniff it up close associations of swimming pools and moth balls arise that are the opposite of the ‘sensuality and warmth' promised by the Al Haramain marketers. Too hygienic for its own good.
However, if, at the risk of staining your clothing, you choose to wear it more liberally (I'm talking about half an ml which is a lot for a perfume oil that is sold in 12 ml bottles) the experience is quite different. Now, Hayati emerges like a siren of great creamy sophistication, the soft wood tones offering comfort and enticement all in one go. It is now a perfume that encloses and holds you in its gentle grasp. And that is also evident on clothing that has touched it, which smells like it has been tossed in a heavenly cloud for days after.

First and foremost, this perfume is hardly anything Feminine because this beast dries down to an incredibly deep and Masculine Oud that blows your socks off which smells of the Cambodian variety which dominates the entire drydown and creates this 'bubble' of sweet, juicy Oud all around the wearer and is in fact one of the best Ouds I've ever experienced. The top note of Amber is exquisitely composed to the point where it is present from opening to close making a fan finale appearance one last time near the far drydown, while the Rose and Sugar make an appearance every now and again only adding a very mild soapiness that's slightly sweet, but you seriously need to be searching for this to pick it out. The woody base notes smell of Cedarwood and Agarwood which intermittently play off of each other and blend beautifully together simultaneously, while the Musk in this perfume is simply to die for, and did I mention that this perfume is BEAST mode from opening to close?... the sillage trails are incredible as is the top notch lasting power of an easily achievable 24+ hours. The perfume is super complex in feel and is the furthest thing from being linear. All of the listed notes are noticeable as individuals and as a whole. 2 or 3 drops spread thinly onto the pulsepoints of this otherworldly liquid and you're set for the rest of the evening... trust me, this is all you need. As a side note, this perfume is very dark and heavy in feel which is strange because the oil is as clear as filtered H²0, so daytime wear is not recommended. The overall feel of this perfume is that of elegance, darkness and feels strongly to be worn in formal situations or when dressing up nicely, it's über classy and exudes a truck load of sophistication that begins on a Feminine accord but only to drydown to a highly pleasurable and Manly smelling Oud. You noticed that I said drydowns to, not ends on. Hayati is honestly one of the best perfumes that I've experienced from Al Haramain, outside of a select few others which are not listed here on Basenotes. Expect compliments from this perfume.

Very pricey, very strong although the smells is sweet and wonderful. But my overall option rest on the price. Retailing at AUS$199 I don't think it's worth it unless you love this line like I do. Deserves to be in the premium range of Al Haramain but as mentioned prior the price would throw most off considering Blackstone($79.95) and Max'd Men(49.95) are two best sellers. It's a wonder though they haven't made a spray version of this. Oh well guess scarce when using which is fine considering it last all day.

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