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Haxan by Parfum Prissana

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There are 4 reviews of Haxan by Parfum Prissana.

VERY complex, with a floral open quickly receding to favor cedar and pine, with a subtle leather overtone. Honestly gives the impression of having layered at least two distinctive perfumes...Fascinating to explore, but not necessarily wearable as a signature. Like a complex, but difficult to drink wine.

It wears as a somewhat fresh airy scent, almost water-like (not with the dark aspects one might attach to its name). Interestingly, I don't find any aspect of it particularly sharp on the skin. The endless list of notes is perhaps over the top, I agree. It's still very well blended for this nose (not getting one note over another). Very wearable without being sweet; gender neutral. Original - will look forward to exploring more from this house.

Haxan opens with a relatively dry cedar wood and woody vetiver starring tandem, tempered by a tinge of slightly sweet sandalwood and aromatic patchouli before transitioning to its heart. As the composition enters its early heart, the slightly sweet sandalwood and patchouli remain, now supporting a strong, damp mushroom accord that takes the fore, with additional green spruce and earthy aromatic cypress support. During the late dry-down, the woods and mushroom accord vacate leaving remnants of the patchouli in support of a focal aromatic, slightly sweet green fir balsam that emerges and remains strong through the finish. Projection is average, but longevity is excellent at around 12 hours on skin.

Haxan has a laundry list of notes, some rather exotic and the truth is the more objective note breakdown above doesn't cover even a tenth of them. I found myself struggling, especially in the mid-section trying to identify individual notes and eventually gave up and just "went with it." One accord that really sticks out, however, is the mushroom. I am not a fan of mushrooms at all, and when paired with the patchouli and the aromatic slightly sweet greens it was quite unsettling and not particularly pleasant smelling. On the flip-side, the disappointing middle is flanked by an impressive woody natural smelling cedar and vetiver led open, and a fine fir balsam led finish that makes grading Haxan quite tough, but in the end they just can't overcome the odd musky mushroom dominated middle. The bottom line is the $140 per 30ml Haxan proves a bit too ambitious to succeed due to its laundry list of odd notes that don't quite come together well in the critical mid-section to yield anything more than an "average" 2.5 stars out of 5 rating and a neutral recommendation.

Haxan...a cacaphony of juniper berry and oakmoss to my nose although neither note is listed in the 38 notes that "are" listed. This is a very sharp scent that slashes the senses in a way that those who love say, Mousse Illuminee by Rouge or Itasca by Lubin will absolutely love. In fact, this smells A LOT like Itasca. They are very closely related when it comes to the overall smell that they produce even though there are different notes listed. The minute I sprayed Haxan on my skin I thought, "okay...I've definitely smelled this before", and after about three minutes with Haxan it hit me that it was Itasca. Neither of them are frags that I need to spend much time with as they are what I refer to as very sharp and slashing to my senses. Haxan is well made, but it's not a love or a need for me.

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