Havana Cologne fragrance notes

    • pink pepper, grapefruit, white mariposa, cinnamon, paprika, vetiver

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Latest Reviews of Havana Cologne

A more floral, green, breezy take on Spicebomb DNA by way of Soleil Blanc.

Grapefruit and pink pepper gives it a fresh, uplifting start before the creamy floral notes creep in with the subtle, doughy vanilla. The vetiver adds a cooling, green touch to the base. There's a sunscreen effect somewhere in here (though no real coconut).

It's nice, but not thrilling. This Havana lacks the panache and presence of Trumper's more famous releases.
10th May 2021
This is really good, fresh opening with the grapefruit then drifts slightly tropical with an exotic floral smell , 20 minutes in it has a warming spicey vibe which carries through , slightly spice bomb and slightly sun cream smell , well blended..its very smooth and doesn't smell synthetic, it will work great on summer evenings in your hawaiian shirt with Panama hat , partner said she liked it too. Performance seems good also, as with most trumpers they aren't really eau ds cologne they are more like good performing edt's.
5th March 2021


Trumper itself describes its newest scent (released in December, 2019) as “exquisitely strong, modern and vibrant.” Well, it is certainly all that with a sharp, strong peppery pine note right off. This is sweetened somewhat by the cinnamon and mariposa lily as the heart opens. Finally, the pungent paprika and vetiver form the simple base.

Like another reviewer elsewhere on line, I get a subtle vanilla/cocoa overall impression that is quite pleasant. This is certainly a subtle scent, layered and laid back. A new take on the chypre genre, using unusual combinations of ingredients to “suggest” a light and modern interpretation.

As their Paisley a year earlier reinterpreted fougere, Havana has taken on chypre quite successfully.

As Havana seems to be aimed at the new young crowd, it is light and subtle enough to intrigue that marketing group. Recommended along with Paisley for those young or at least young at heart.

First Edit: Now that I have lived with Havana for a month, I find my over all impression can be described as "green, smoky woods." There is a central combo of sweet cedar (not in note tree) and vetiver that makes up the warm, pungent heart with a dab of oud in the dry down.

My first impression came from a few dabs on the wrist, but now that I have splashed Havana about the neck and arms, that impression has obviously morphed.

Anyone into the genre of "woods" should certainly give this a try.

4th June 2020